Amazing Facts About Fruits

Let’s Talk Fruits..

Fruits are our basic need, from the time of our existence, food has been our necessity as oxygen is for breathing. Not everyone eats meat, not everyone is tolerant to dairy products but everyone can eat fruits and we do eat them. Not only the fruits are good for our physical and mental health, but it also keeps our mood lite too.

Let’s get back to the early man age, imagine yourself as one of them and if you don’t eat meat, what options do you have? Fruits and vegetables of course, yes! But vegetables do need to get cooked or at least most of them do require heat treatment, you can’t eat a brinjal raw. But you can easily pop a fruit anytime you want.

An Apple A day..keeps the doctor away. You must have definitely heard this many times in your life but, is it really true? Certainly, Fruits are good source of energy, fiber, potassium, folic acid & particularly vitamin C in abundant quantity, this makes the fruit a perfect food for everyone. Hence if your body is intaking what’s coming directly from nature, it won’t trouble you and then you can easily skip your doctor’s appointment.

Let’s not waste anymore time and serve you some amazing facts of fruits, to tell you the secrets of these nutritious nature’s gift. Let’s get going.

Let The Fruits Do The Talking

# Fruit That Smells Unlawfully Awful- Ever heard of a Durian fruit? Durian is found in Indonesia, Thailand & Malaysia, and there have been 30 species of Durio plants recognized till now, out of which only 9 produce edible fruit. Durian is also known as the ” King of Fruits” in many South Asian countries.

This fruit is covered with little spikes on it and it smells horrible. You can imagine how worst and pungent this fruit would smell that, the government of Thailand & Japan had to put a ban on keeping this fruit in public. But still, people in South Asian countries eat it because it tastes really good. God knows who gives them the strength to chew this stinking fruit right below their nose.

# World’s Oldest Fruit- Many theories and studies suggest that Fig is the world’s oldest, or if not particularly the oldest but the oldest cultivated fruit consumed by the human race. The Sumerian tablets dated all the way from 2500 BC prove the usage of figs at that time too. Not just then, another Neolithic site found by the archeologists belonging to 5000 BC, revealed remains of fig trees during the excavations.

Figs are highly nutritious, they are high in fiber, iron and potassium. We have been seeing Fig Newton cookies in the markets from since the year 1891, a testament proving the high popularity of figs between us.

# World’s Happiest Fruit Is Banana- Sounds weird, right? But that’s true, not because it shapes like a smiling curve, otherwise, anyone could flip it down and claim it world’s saddest fruit.

Banana is the happiest fruit because it has tryptophan in it, which gets converted into serotonin in the body after getting consumed. Now this serotonin is the same hormone that relaxes your brain, improves your mood, and makes you feel happier. 

So the next time you feel a little depressed, peel a banana and eat it straight. You can thank us later.

# Is Banana A Fruit Or Berry?- All fruits are not berries but all berries are fruits. Banana certainly falls in the berry family.

Banana starts forming itself from a flower, it has a soft and sweet middle and contains one or more than one seeds in it. Therefore, it satisfies all the requirements to fall into the botanical berry.

Most of us agree with the theory for the first time, as we know that berries are generally smaller in size and can be plucked from plants directly. Moreover, the fruits falling in the category of berries got suffix as “berry” in their name, for eg: strawberry, blackberry & raspberry.

But here our favorite banana fails to do satisfy the name game and still make it to the berry family successfully. And we can just let it be, exceptions can be made for bananas, we love it and that’s what matters.

# Misconceptions About Health Fruit Banana- Hey, don’t eat banana too much, this will increase your weight and make you fat. Have you listened this somewhere, more than 100 times in total? Misconceptions like these are spread across every part of the world, while our favorite fruit Banana still makes it in the list of healthiest fruits.

Bananas are nil in fat, highly loaded with healthy carbohydrates and micro nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, vitamin C & D.

Banana is known as the most easily available energizing fruit as it contains the trio combination of sugars- glucose, fructose & sucrose. Bananas are high in fibre too, so you can eat banana for better digestion purposes. Because of these reasons, it is athlete’s all time favorite fruit.

One medium banana delivers only 100 calories and in return, it gives a particular kind of fiber called Resistant Starch, which not only keeps your stomach filled for a while but also keeps the diet-killing cravings away, boosts your metabolism and keeps you far away from constipation. Impressive!

# A pineapple Is Never Alone- Even a dozen of any fruit avoids a heated discussion with a single pineapple, you wanna know why? Pineapple is a combination of many individual berries or flowers fused as one surrounded around a core.

Not just pineapples taste good, they contain about 75% of the amount of manganese you require daily for stronger bones. It is worth noticing that a pineapple takes around 3 years to get mature. Too much to wait for.

# Almonds Are Mistaken- Almond is not actually a nut, it is a member of the peach family. Hence it’s a fruit and not a nut.

# Dog Lovers, You Gotta See This- You love your dog a lot, right? But watch what your dog is eating. Never make your dog eat grapes and raisins because, this can be fatal for them as it can cause them a kidney failure. This goes for dogs and other pet animals too.

We must avoid giving sugar or products involving sugar in them, as dogs do not sweat and sugar contains a high level of sucrose, which coverts itself into glucose and provide too much energy, making the pet hyperactive and this can be fatal for them. Grapes are high on sugar contents too.

# Would You Mind Drinking Your Fruit?- Only a few percentages of people present of this planet doesn’t like coffee. We are sure if we serve coffee to aliens, they will suspend their plan to kill earth and start helping us to grow more coffee. But do you know that the journey of coffee starts with a fruit?

Coffee beans are the pit of a red berry, which is actually a fruit. Coffee contains caffeine which has psychoactive properties, potent enough to make you hallucinate. Too much of anything doesn’t benefit us, same goes with coffee. A study suggests that if you consume 100 cups of coffee in a go, it can be proven a lethal dose for your body.

# Meet The Blow Fish Fruit-  Sounds like a fruit floating and living in water with other fishes, nothing that fancy here. The real name for this fruit is ” African Horned Cucumber” and the reason behind getting called horned in its name is because it got many horns like spikes on it which certainly looks like crown to some people.

It was founded over 3000 years ago by Africans. They used to call it blowfish fruit because of its spine covered with an outer yellow color shell, this used to look like as if a fish is blown in its mouth and got its spikes pumped, quite hilarious! People use their juice to cure renal problems and eczema.

# A Deadly Cocktail- If you are already taking certain drugs for any of your medical condition, you gotta be very careful about what fruit you must eat and what’s not. Eating a grapefruit, which is already a power source for Vitamin C, can be proven life-threatening anytime.

Grapefruit contains certain compounds that have the potential to change how your body treats or metabolizes certain drugs, this may lead the body to absorb a larger amount of drug than the required quantity, which may cause a severe medical condition or sometimes death.

# Don’t Peel The Peel- As per scientific studies, the peel of an orange has got significantly four times more the fiber than the actual fruit inside. There are also a vital amount of antioxidants present in the peel too.

Now you know why celebrity chefs and a few cooking genius grate some peel from the orange in their salads, they actually add up those benefits to the food. Wonder if the candied peels count too? Don’t even try that!

# Hey Cousins- Apples, pears and plums are actually cousins, they are part of the rose family. Yes, rose family, quite unbelievable.

# Confused Berries- What if we say that strawberries and blackberries are not technically berries? Well, they belong to the berry family for sure but, technically they shouldn’t be a part of it. That’s because they are derived from a single flower with more than one ovary, which makes them an aggregate fruit like pineapple.

True berries are those, which result in a simple fruit stemming from a single flower with only one ovary and authentically have multiple seeds in them, for eg: Watermelon, Pumpkin, Tomato, etc.

# How Dare You Plucked Me?- Grapes are quite egoistic, they just refuse to get ripen after picked once. They are like, Nope, We are done growing up! Whereas, fruits like banana or orange are typically picked green and then allowed to ripen in warehouses for a particular time period.

Grapes do not ripe, they just start to loose its water content and later turns into raisins, that is treated as a dry fruit in another range.

# Fruit Or Seeds Cluster?- Pomegranate fruit can contain up to 1000 seeds in it. About an average of 200 seeds can be found in a single strawberry. So the next time you are eating any of the fruit, just remember you eat hundreds of potential individual plants altogether.

# Jackfruit Can Kill You- No, we are not claiming that jackfruit are poisonous for human consumption at all, they are too healthy like any other common fruit. But if a fully grown jackfruit lands on your head directly from the tree, this can be fatal for you.

The jackfruit has been documented as the largest tree fruit on this earth. It can weigh up to a maximum of 100 pounds. There was once a jackfruit recorded to achieve a growth of massive 4 feet of height, that’s close to the height of an average 10 year old kid.

# Genetic Deja Vu In Fruits- Most of the fruits we buy from supermarkets are actually clones. This genetic manipulation of fruit is achieved through grafting method, so that the customers are able to purchase exactly the same fruit which they have a consistent look and taste for.

If fruits were getting farmed through natural pollination method only, the prices for a single fruit getting sold in the market, would definitely be more than an entire box of chocolates. And the results would be a lot more unexpected and unbelievable great for our health.

# The Pricey Melon- Most of us are known to this fact that the Japanese Yubari cantaloupe melon is one of the most expensive fruit getting sold in this world.

At an auction once, a pair of these melons were sold for a hefty price of $23,500! That’s unbelievable for many of us but it’s on record, can’t deny anymore. However, Japan is famous for paying exorbitant prices for luxury fruits and its a trend there to gift these expensive item in business relationships.

# Fresh Apples Could Be An Oxymoron- Do you know that the apple you eat believing that its fresh and coming directly from the lands, could be a year old? Well, apples are one of those fruits which are available for sale and purchase round the year, despite being a seasonal fruit as it gets harvested in a particular season which is rather short.

Technology has made it possible, apples are now being stored and preserved in cold storage. This fills the gap of harvesting season and actually making it to the market.

# Coffee Or Apple- Why don’t you start your day with an apple? Sounds crazy, right. But this is worth trying as the scientists have found that if you eat an apple in the morning or anytime you like, it will deliver a more healthy and organic energy boost, than gulping down a cup of coffee.

High levels of boron are found in apple, thus makes it a fruit which increases mental alertness.

# Is My Apple Poisonous?- It’s a common myth between us that the apple contains cyanide in it, which is dangerously fatal for humans to any extent. This is not actually the whole truth, neither the apple nor its seeds contain any cyanide at all.

However, apple seeds contain a chemical called amygdalin, which can be broken down by some enzymes in the gut, into glucose, benzaldehyde (smells like almond) and hydrogen cyanide.

But the amount of this potentially fatal chemical amygdalin is very low in a single apple, so if you eat a few apple seeds by mistake or on purpose, no damage would be done to your body. You need to grind at least 200 seeds of apples and consume it in one go, in order to make it fatal for yourself. We recommend you, not to try this, 911 will save anyway.

# Bouncy Cranberries- In 1880, John Peg Leg discovered that cranberries can actually bounce, he dropped a few cranberries down the stairs and they were bouncing like small balls. Later studies were done, based on this particular experiment, they found that these cranberries have tiny air pockets inside, which allows them to float and bounce.

How do you pick a tasty batch of cranberry? Just throw a few of them on the floor and see them bouncing, the higher they bounce, the better the cranberries are.

# The Grinning Coconut- The name Coconut was given by Portuguese sailors in 16th century. It is believed that the coconut resembles a face, as it got three holes on it. This fruit was honoured with the word “coco” which means “grinning face”, later the next add up “nut” was done with the english language.

Coconut is an extremely popular fruit around the globe as it contains antioxidants in abundant quantity with many vitamins and minerals. Coconut milk is used by vegan diet followers, as they don’t use dairy products, this fruit gets them a perfect replacement indeed.

# Strawberries Are Such Fraud- Strawberries are not fruit, they are not even berries technically. As we know, berries are those who have their seeds inside. Now, take a look at strawberries, they have their seeds outside, which makes them fail to fall in the category of berries technically, and if not a berry then not a fruit!

Strawberries are a pseudocarp or shall we call it a false fruit. The seeds on the outside of the strawberry are the real fruits. Let it be, we love our strawberry the same way, even after knowing this.

# A Toxic Fact- We all know that cyanide is toxic for human consumption, and it is available in certain fruits, for eg: peaches, apricots, apples (indirectly) and cassava roots. Potatoes too contain a toxin called solanine, which can result in hallucinations, paralysis and in some cases, death.

Thankfully, you can consume all these items without worrying much, as it contains a very low toxin levels in them. You got to eat a significantly larger amount of these foods in order, which is practically not possible in maximum cases.

# Forget Non-Vegetarian Food, Gym Goers- In extensive studies it has found that pumpkin seeds contain way more protein than exactly equal amount of beef meat. The same study suggests that the amount of protein received by eating steak can be achieved by eating broccoli with effectively consuming way less calories per gram. Now you can’t fool those vegetarians & vegans any less. Gym goers now need to review their diet plans, you can skip the expensive protein powders and start chewing something more organic.

# Crazy Fruit To Heal Wounds- The chilli pepper we often use for cooking as a spice starts its journey i.e. as a fruit. But do you know that this chili pepper have the power to promote the healing of wounds and helps blood to clot faster?

Cayenne pepper helps us in regulating our body’s blood pressure and heal injuries. You can either eat cayenne pepper or sprinkle it directly on the wound to act as catalyst in the process of healing. May the pepper power be with you!

# The Miraculous Watermelon- Watermelon is one of the easiest digestible fruit in the list. At the time when nothing was invented to store and keep water drinkable, people used to carry watermelons with them to stay hydrated, as it is 92% water.

Since the watermelons consists thick skin which keeps water intact inside, it was a perfect form of libation for travellers, explorers and those who roam in the deserts for their living.

# Avocados, The Fresh As Fat Fruit- Avocados are recognized as the most fat containing fruit in the world, moreover it has got more fats than any vegetable even. So if you think you are too thin or needs to gain weight, bring avocados and start your mass making journey.

Avocados are not just fatty fruit, it happens to be the most fresh fruit present in the market. Thanks to the trees it grows on, since the avocado tree releases an enzyme that naturally preserves the fruit from maturing fully while on the tree. Later, the farmers can pluck the fruit whenever they receive the orders from market, until then, they keep the avocados hanging still on the trees. Sweet!

# Save The Raisins America- Until year 2015, raisins farmers in the United States had to deposit a certain percentage of their produced raisins to the National Raisins Reserve. There is a separate body called Raisin Administrative Committee founded by the government which enforces this law on raisin farmers. This whole struggle was done to control the price of raisins in every season. 

# The Long Time Dispute Of Tomatoes-  The word ” vegetable ” is a culinary term while, ” fruit ” is a botanical term. So, a tomato can be considered both a vegetable and a fruit at once.

In year 1983, the United States Supreme Court ruled that tomatoes must legally be termed as vegetable, despite being a fruit. Imagine how good the early 80s were, courts discuss about tomato being a fruit or a veggie, wish we could make it again to the 80s, back to bliss!

# Strange Connections-  Those people who are allergic to latex are more likely to have an allergy for mangoes and kiwis. Strange, isn’t it?

# Seeds Won’t Fetch You The Apple You Want-  If you plant a seed from your favorite apple in soil and start watering it daily, you will witness a tree growing over years and ready to fetch you the most awaited apples but, these aren’t the apples you were looking for, neither they taste even close to what you sowed year ago.

In fact, these apples are probably unsuitable for human consumption. If you want an apple to be the same as its parent, plant the branch not the seed.

One more fact about apples. There are so many different kinds of apples, that if you start eating one different type of apple everyday, it would take more than 20 years to try them all and who knows, after this much years, a few more kinds add up in the list.

# The Fruit Salad Tree- There is a magical tree called ” The Fruit Salad Tree “, this particular tree bears more than one type of fruit. The process of making this tree involves a method of reproduction of trees called grafting and is performed by botanical experts. You can also buy this tree by clicking here.

# What’s A Blackcurrant?-  Most of the people of United States are unknown to the flavor of Blackcurrant and that’s due to the ban on the berry in the early 1900s. We know blackcurrant only via synthetic flavorings.

# Homer Simpson Is An Idol For Smokers- An Oregon based farmer once successfully managed to grow a ” Tomacco ” plant. Sounds like a fusion of tomato and tobacco. Bingo! Absolutely, this fusion of two entirely different items was no less than a miracle.

This fascinating endeavor successfully attracted the attention of The Simpson’s Family makers. They made entire episodes, which managed to bear fruit for a year and a half. Impressive! Now the main question raises, whether to eat it or smoke it? We will leave it you, find it out on your own.

# The Strawberry & Internet Connection-  In an extensive study done on the internet, it has been observed that the total internet around the globe weighs as same as a big strawberry. The weight of all the electrons moving and making the internet works at any one moment is equivalent to 50 gm.

So, that was it. These were some amazing facts of fruits exclusively chosen to expand your knowledge about the fruit’s botanical family in a slight quirky manner. All the information and research done for this article are absolutely correct and highly reliable at every extent.

If you still feel that any of the facts are not correct or it has changed by the time, please write it in the comment section. If you think we have missed any interesting fact about any fruit, do let us know in the comment section down below. The article will be updated timely for fresh facts & changes if required

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