64 Amazing Random History Facts: Let’s Go Back In Past

Do you also think that History is boring? Well, we are here to change your views today. We truly believe that history is wonderful, it tells us what happened in the past and how it is affecting our present, let it be directly or indirectly and that’s the beauty of history.

This particular article will deepen your knowledge about history in an unconventional way.

Let’s not waste any more time and go straight to these 64 amazing random history facts.

Let’s Go Back In Time

# Sense Of Entitlement- England’s King Henry VIII had actually appointed people to wipe his behind and they were called Grooms of Stool in the kingdom then. He had four such people to do this job and during Henry VIII’s reign, they all were knighted. Funny, right?

# What A Kicking President- Only a handful of people know that President Abraham Lincoln was a champion wrestler in his time. Before becoming a politician, he used to fight in the rings and he was brilliant in it, with more than a triple hundred of bouts under his belt, Lincoln lost only a total of one match in his whole glorious career. In the year 1992, he was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall Of Fame.

# Brutality Asks For Mercy Here- Mongolia has been too cruel on their criminals till the early 20th century. They used to lock criminals up in a small wooden box as punishment until any tenure they decide, and if they think that’s not enough, they sometimes even leave them to die of starvation. Inhumane behavior at its worst.

# This Man Killed Death- Peter Freuchen is a famous Danish arctic explorer with an impressively giant 6’7″ of height. In the year 1926, he was trapped under an active avalanche while on an expedition and was literally buried alive in snow. Even such close death chase scenario could not beat the willpower, survival skills and confidence of Peter, he escaped from death by fashioning a shiv (knife-like handheld weapon) out of his own poop and he had to go through a self-surgery of amputating his foot.

# The Sweet No Fly Zone- Egypt never fails to impart us weird but interesting facts. In the ancient times, servants used to smear their body with honey to attract flies, in order to keep them away from the pharaoh (the palace of the ruler).

# The Roman Weirdoes- A secret society called The Order Of The Pug, was founded in the year 1740 by Roman Catholics in Bavaria. And they decided to keep the tradition of making the new member wear a dog collar and scratch at the door, in order to join the society. Wait a minute, that bullying!

# Fax Story- The first fax was sent while people were still travelling on the Oregon Trail route on bullock carts.

# The Dead Man’s Selfie- In the Victorian era, it was popular between people to photograph their relatives after they had died, often the dead bodies were placed looking like they are alive and giving some nice lifelike poses. Now we know where we got our Instagram fever from!

# Not Much A Private Affair- In Renaissance France, a woman was given the freedom and law protection which allowed her to drag the husband in court, if he is unable to produce offspring. Being impotent could easily be termed as a valid accusation in that era.

# The Dead Man Racing- Horse Racing is surely fatal both physically and mentally. The high adrenaline rush holds to potential to turn fatal at any extent. A race was organized at Belmont Park in New York City in 1923, Jockey Frank Hayes won that race despite being dead. Chilling, right?

He suffered a major heart attack which killed him straight on the field, but his body stayed in the saddle until the horse crossed the final line for a 20-1 outstanding victory. That was more of a haunted race than the regular one.

# Tea Story In A Tank- From the year 1945, all the British tanks have included all the equipment to make tea. Imagine, the feel of having a relaxing tea inside a potential mass destruction machine. Bliss!

# Peace Prize Gone Crazy- World War II’s worst villain Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, Germany’s Dictator and also a mass murderer Adolf Hitler & Fascist Italian Prime Minister Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, all were nominated for the glorious Nobel Peace Prize. Looks like the deciding committee members were under gunpoint.

# Empowered Woman From Classic Times- Ching Shih is history’s one of the most successful pirates of her time, she used to be a Chinese prostitute at some point. She had a huge fleet of over 1500 ships and commanded more than 80000 sailors under her. A perfect role model material for today’s woman empowerment program.

# The Almost Immortal Man- Tsutomu Yamaguchi was in the city when America dropped the first atom bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. He then traveled hometown to Nagasaki exactly the day before the second atom bomb was dropped. He survived both and lived a life of 93 years in total.

# Caligula At Its Best- Third Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, also famous with the name Caligula, once passed an order, following which, one of his favorite horses became a senator for the empire.

# Last Words Are Spine Chilling- Voltaire was asked to renounce Satan by a visiting priest when he (Voltaire) was on death bed. “This is no time to be making new enemies.” He replied.

# When Tomatoes Were Accused- A public trial was run against tomatoes in the town of Salem, New Jersey, in the year 1820. Claiming that they are poisonous for human consumption, as this false belief was widespread in common people at that time. The case wrapped up once and for all after Colonel Robert Gibbon Joshson ate a full basket of tomatoes without any ill consequences at all. Very quick and smart of you Col. Robert.

# No Cats, Partying Rats- While Pope Gregory IX was in power, he announced that cats are associated with devil worshiping, hence they must be exterminated across Europe. Immediate killings were started after the announcement, making cats go disappear from all over the places. This situation then helped the rats proliferate very quickly and spread the bubonic plague.

# The Potato Story- Potatoes were first discovered by Spanish Conquistadors in Peru and were only introduced to Ireland in the late 1500s. The Conquistadors completed their discovery of potato in the year 1536 to be precise.

# American Women Empowerment- America gave women the right to vote in general elections of the country in 1912. After about 4 years i.e. year 1916, Jeanette Rankin became the first female elected member of the Congress. We have 26 female members in Total Senate & 101 female members in Total House, serving in the 116th Congress 2019-21.

# Much Unknown Of Presley’s- America’s heartthrob Elvis Presley, the famous singer and actor died pooping, because of a condition called Megacolon. Despite various popular rumors, Elvis had severe constipation problems which plagued him throughout his whole life.

# False Alarm Costs Life- Over 1400 anti-aircraft missile rounds were fired by the U.S. Army in 1942, following the intel report, suggesting that the Japanese air raid over Los Angeles County, which turned out to be a false alarm. In this wrongly reported emergency and retaliation process, five American civilians lost their lives.

# Horrifying, If True- In 1493, the famous explorer Christopher Columbus was sailing in the ocean and thought he saw mermaids. He said ” they were not as pretty as they are depicted, for somehow in the face they look like men.” Later, it was suspected that maybe he saw a manatee. No one actually knows the truth better than Columbus himself.

# No One Can Be Charlie Chaplin, Not Even Charlie Himself- At the peak of his popularity around many countries, Charlie Chaplin participated in a show called Charlie Chaplin look-alike competition in San Francisco. To his own surprise, he came 20th in place of being himself.

# Fighter Became Food Later- There is a theory which suggests that people may have been first domesticating the chicken for cockfighting purposes only, and not for food. Later they must have realized that they are actually wasting a tasty talent on fighting fields.

# A War That Lasted Lesser Than An Episode- History’s shortest war lasted only 38 minutes. This shortest battle was fought between England, United Kingdom & Zanzibar Sultanate on 27 August, 1896, which ultimately ended the same day.

# A Treat To Bad Guys- The jail authorities of the United States used to consider feeding lobster to prisoners and convicts, as cruel and unusual punishment during the 1800s.

# Morgan Robertson Wrote Future- Fourteen years before the Titanic sank in the sea, Morgan Robertson wrote a novella The Wreck Of The Titan: or Futility, which tells about a large unsinkable gigantic ship named ” Titan “, which later hit an iceberg in the Northern Atlantic. Both the fictional ship Titan and the Titanic did not have enough lifeboats for the thousands of passengers on board.

You can read more about the book here.

# The Negative Side of Thomas Edison- The famous American Inventor Thomas Alva Edison, who is famous for invention of the incandescent light bulb was an animal abuser. Once he brought an elephant from a circus and electrocuted her to death on Coney Island. More than a thousand people came to watch this barbaric experiment, while Edison recorded the innocent elephant’s death on video.

# Dead In Your Mouth- Before the 19th century, oral dentures were commonly made with teeth pulled out from the mouth of dead bodies, mainly the soldiers. Later this practice was stopped and acrylic resin was introduced to cast new denture sets for the patients.

# Strange Findings In Franklin’s House- One of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin was never famous for his human anatomy studies. In the year 1998, i.e. more than 200 years later after his death, his london’s house was searched and there were about 1200 human bones found in the basement.

Initial reports suggested that these bones were from remains of more than 15 human bodies, out of which 6 were children. Scholars still believe that these bones were used in the study of human anatomy.

# The Meditation That Never Ends- In northern Japan, Buddhist monks used to practice a kind of meditation called Sokushinbutsu, in this meditation they would mummify themselves alive by slowly discouraging their body needs of food and water until they eventually starve to death. This horrific practice was done between the 11th and 19th centuries, which later got stopped by the successor heads of the monk society.

# China Took Lead In Wars- Seven out of the ten deadliest wars in Human History has taken place on the lands of China. A sum of twice as many deaths as World War I were recorded in The Taiping Rebellion alone.

# Good Old Days Of Olympics- Tug of war was an Olympic event, between 1900 and 1920.

# A Foul Practice- During the middle ages, a theory became common in the general public according to which it was believed that sperm produced from the left testicle would produce a girl child and right one only got chromosomes resulting in a boy child. To ensure having a baby boy, men would have their left testicle removed. They were ready to risk their life and genital capabilities, just to avoid female kid.

# Coincidence Ate Presidents- On July 4, 1826, America lost two of its former presidents with a mere time difference of a few hours. The 2nd President of U.S. John Adams & 3rd U.S. president Thomas Jefferson both died on the 50th anniversary of American Independence.

# Bat Bomb Project- A dentist from Pennsylvania strangely convinced President Franklin Roosevelt to bomb Japan with timed explosives, attached to thousands of flying bats, during World War II. This has been even tested after some time, the armed bats were accidentally released and destroyed their own testing facility and hence, the bat bomb project was scrapped and removed from the plan of action book forever.

# The Tallest Couple- Anna Haining Swan with gigantic height 7’11” ( 7 feets and 11 inches ) & Martin Van Buren Bates gifted with huge 7’9″ ( 7 feet and 9 inches ) of height were married to each other and recorded as the tallest couple in the world. Swan also gave birth to a baby with weight over 22 pounds.

# The Short Heighted Big Player- Eddie Carl Gaedel was the smallest player ever recorded in the history of Major League Baseball. Eddie gained recognition in his second game of a St. Louis Browns doubleheader on August 19, 1951. His total height was 3’7″ (3 feets and 7 inches) i.e. merely 1.09 m, he used to walk in his only plate appearance.

# Shortest Tenure Of Presidency- President William Henry Harrison was the 9th in the number of U.S. Presidents and apparently he served for the shortest tenure in American history. He died of a cold within just a couple of months in his presidency. Doctors gave him traditional treatments like snakeweed, opium, and leeches, which ultimately contributed to his sudden death.

# Fu-Go Bomb In Oregon- Oregon, U.S. witnessed a fu-go or fire balloon bomb attack on it, in the year 1945. This balloon weapon was launched by Japan during World War II, this particular attack killed 6 Americans out of which 5 were kids and the other one was a woman. These were the total casualties done on the U.S. soil in World War II after America entered the war.

# A Meowing Telephone- Some researchers in year 1929, turned a living cat into a telephone in the laboratory of Princeton University, New Jersey.

# The Origin Of The Word ” Nazi “- This word ” Nazi ” reminds us of German dictator Adolf Hitler, he was popularised with this name by his opponents. The word ” Nazi ” was extracted from pre-existing slang for a back peasant. However, this name was rarely used by Nazis themselves.

# Good Side Of A Bad Guy- Ted Bundy, the famous serial killer of America once saved a young child from drowning by diving in the lake. He also received a commendation from the Seattle Police Department for chasing down a criminal who used to snatch purses from people.

# Do Prunes Make Smile?- Victorians used to say ” prunes ” instead of saying ” cheese “, at the time when their picture was about to get clicked. However the question stands still, How would prunes make you smile?

# When Bad Luck Chases You- The Civil War began right from the farm of Wilmer McLean, who then moved over hundred miles just to avoid the fighting and save his life. But at the end, he was proved not lucky enough as the war ended right inside his new house at Appomattox. Wish he stayed in the farm only, maybe this could save the civil war to cover a hundred miles, just to find the same guy.

# Longest War With No Casualties- Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly fought history’s longest war, which lasted for more than 335 years and surprisingly not a single person was killed in any of the place because of this war. We can also call it the world’s most peaceful war.

# Urine As Mouthwash- Urine was used as mouthwash in the back time by Romans, as it contains ammonia. Ammonia is recognized as one the best natural cleaning agents present on the earth. Wonder, what they used for getting rid of the new smell?

# American Flag Is A Creativity Of A Teenager- The current 50 star U.S. Flag was designed by a 17 year old teenager, name Robert Heft for his school project. He received a B-. Gotta find the teacher!

# The Law Of Nature In Working- You attract that from nature, what you keep thinking of. A passenger who lived throughout his life after surviving fire and sinking ship in 1871, faced his worst fear, as he boarded the Titanic in 1912. The giant ship collided with the iceberg and sank, the passenger also died in this accident.

# The Name Richard Parker Is Unlucky- In the year 1838, Edgar Allan Poe wrote The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, a book about 4 crewmen on a whale hunting ship who ended up stuck at shore and having to draw lots to see who would be eaten. The lot landed on the cabin boy whose name was Richard Parker. Forty-six years later, a yacht named Mignonette bound for Sydney, Australia took a turn during their journey from London. The 3 crewmen then killed and ate their cabin boy named Richard Parker.

# Bad Luck Hitting Hard- On 10 May, 2005, A Georgian nationality holder would-be assassin named Vladimir Arutyunian threw a hand grenade at United States President George W. Bush and Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, but it did no hard to them as the grenade failed to detonate. Later he was arrested by the local police and sentenced to life imprisonment.

# People In Hurrying Up Deaths- The 19th century was certainly the most funny of all, people getting buried alive was so often in that time that the coffin makers later invented a safety coffin, so that the ” claimed dead ” would have any ability left in their body, they can alert those who are above the ground about them being still alive.

# The Soldier Bounty Scam- The Civil War soldiers on both the sides were offered bounties upon enlistment, resulting some soldiers to enlist and escape again and again to take advantage of being enlisted multiple times and receiving bounty for each. One soldier collected 32 of the bounties, before he was finally caught.

# Dare To Knock The Door- George Gordon Byron aka Lord Byron, was peer, politician and an English poet, who turned into a revolutionary in the Greek War of Independence, used to keep a pet bear in his dorm room while studying at Cambridge University. He happens to be one of the leading figures of the Romantic movement.

# The Turkey God- While the turkey bird is currently America’s favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal, back in the 300 B.C., these big birds were heralded by the Mayan people as vessels of the gods and were honored as such, so much that they were domesticated to have roles in religious rites. Turkeys were symbols of prestige and power, and can be found everywhere in Maya iconography and archaeology.

# Artistic Olympic Games- The Olympic Games between 1912 to 1948, used to hold competitions in the fine arts. Medals were awarded for music, painting, literature, sculpture and architecture. Obviously, the created art was required to be satisfactory and according to the set Olympic theme. According to Pierre de Fr├ędy, founder of the modern Olympics, it was a necessary step to add arts in the Olympics because the ancient Greeks too used to hold art festivals alongside the games. 151 medals were already been awarded before ruling out the art events from the Olympic Games.

# A Potential King Killed At 10- After the French Revolution, An eight year old boy named Louis XVII was arrested and jailed, then he was never seen in public post of this, ever again. His parents were executed in the year 1793, afterwards, this small boy was neglected, horrifically abused and left isolated in a prisoner’s cell in the Paris Temple. He died because of tuberculosis at the age of 10, in 1795. He was buried in secret in a mass grave. Years later, several men came forward claiming themselves to be him, because a bourbon restoration was a possibility and a successful claimant could possibly achieve the throne of France.

# What the fork?- Forks are widely used around the world as an utensil for food eating purposes, but these little helping ones were seen as blasphemous in the back times. Italy was the first country to get introduced to forks in the 11th century. These spiked spaghetti twirling and holding instruments were observed as an offense to God. N that’s all because their spikes were looking like ” artificial hands ” to some people and they considered it to be sacrilegious.

# Mary & Her Lamb Are For Real- Most of us still remember the nursery rhyme ” Mary Had A Little Lamb ” but how many of you know that this particular piece of study material is based on a true story? Yes, the girl on whom this story is based is Mary Sawyer. She was an 11 year old girl who lived in Boston, one day Mary was followed by her pet lamb until they both reached the school. She also helped an old church in fund raising by selling the wool she received from the same lamb, in the late 1860s.

# An Expert Musician Turned President- Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States and happens to be the only president who resigned from the office. Very few people know that Richard Nixon was an extremely talented musician. He was trained in playing a total of five instruments; Violin, Accordion, Clarinet, Saxophone & Piano.

# Lincoln’s Bar- Besides having an extravagant career in wrestling, Abraham Lincoln was also a licensed professional bartender. In the year 1833, the 16th president in partnership with his friend William F. Berry opened up a bar called Berry & Lincoln in New Salem, Illinois. The shop got eventually closed, because Berry consumed most of the shop’s supply, as he was a big time alcoholic.

# The Dollar With No President Face- The face of the first president of the United States never really made it to the $1 bill! Salmon P. Chase was the first face to appear on this currency note. The first $1 bill was issued in 1862, when the Civil War was going on. Salmon Chase was the designer of the America’s first bank note and also the Secretary of Treasury at that time.

# First Car- If you think that the first automobile car for human race was Model T, made by Henry Ford in the year 1908, you are wrong! The first car was created by two European engineers Emile Levassor and Karl Benz while they were working on automobile inventions in the 19th century. The first patent for an automobile car was made by Karl Benz in 1886.

So, that was it. These were some random history facts exclusively chosen to expand your knowledge about the history of our country and the rest of the world in a slight quirky manner. All the information and research done for this article are absolutely correct and highly reliable at every extent.

If you still feel that any of the facts are not correct or it has changed by the time, please write it in the comment section. If you think we have missed any interesting fact about the History, do let us know in the comment section down below. The article will be updated timely for fresh facts & changes if required.