53 Spectaculous Facts About The Brain, Get Brainy Interestingly!

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Brain, a machine with limitless potential and endless possibilities. Every creature on this planet earth is quite different from each other but, they all share one single similarity, they all have brains with them. Okay, leaving a few brainless living organisms, most of them do cherish having a working brain.

There are numerous examples to prove how different brains are, not only in different animal families or species but in the same race as well. Like no two fingerprint matches, no two tongue prints match, similarly, no two brains are exactly the same. Even twin siblings are quite distinctive in behavior, regardless of having exactly the same atmosphere, because they have different brains working totally differently for each.

Brains make chimpanzees better than humans in some memory tasks, goats are found to have long-term memory par excellence. Elephants can work as a team, thanks to the organ brain again. But today, we will talk strictly about the human brain.

Humans are blessed with the smartest brain in the animal race, and serving you just the common facts here, like the other websites and blog posts are doing, isn’t fair. We will tell you only the best 53 facts about the human brain, exclusively chosen to blow your minds up because, That’s What Heroes Do!!

Brainy Facts From A Brain To The Brains…

# Brain Feels No Pain. There is not even a single pain sensing receptor inside the brain. Hence, when the surgeons operate the brain, instead of giving the patient an anesthesia shot, they keep him/her totally awake and ask them to perform small motor operations like typing, writing, and solving simple puzzles.

Experienced brain surgeons ask their artist patients to play guitar. Similarly, a guitarist from South Africa had tumors in his brain, he was instructed to play guitar during his surgery and he felt quite relaxed by doing so. This news literally hit everywhere around the world. You can also read about it here.

# Music Hits The Brain Differently. You would have definitely heard about music-making people happy, many claims that whenever they feel anxious or depressed, they just play their favorite tracks and everything goes fine then. What’s the science behind it? It has been noticed that music actually leaves a quantifiable impact on our brain. Researchers attached guitar players with electrodes and recorded their brainwaves and found them to synchronize as they play the same music in duets. This explains how impactful music is, it connects our brain with the other wirelessly.

# Heavier The Brain, Higher The Intelligence? Maybe you are missing the question mark involved in the bold text. This is actually a myth spread all over the world, while the reality is far away from it. An average male human brain weighs close to 2.9 pounds,  while females chose to diet in this too and are happy with an average brain weight of 2.6 pounds. But this weight difference doesn’t guarantee Intelligence difference, moreover, brain weight has no correlation with higher or lower intelligence at all. To your satisfaction, Einstein’s brain was close to 2.7 pounds in weight.

# Brains Are On Their Head Too. Let it be any creature’s brain, the only object in the world which can contemplate itself is the brain. Only the brain is capable of thinking, suggesting, and making the body move to react accordingly in different situations differently. Involuntary actions are many times thought to be not connected with the brain, however, it’s a basic truth that not even a single such involuntary action can take place in the body without an active brain for eg: A person in coma is alive but can’t perform any voluntary or involuntary movement, as their brain is not fully functioning.

# Tension Acts As Toxic For The Brain. We are very much aware about the mental health these, and exposure to excess load on the brain is strictly prohibited by the brain experts. According to a study done on the human brain, it was concluded that the brain gets overloaded with cortisol, adrenaline and other hormones which are meant to be there for a short period of time only. Long term exposure of excess stressful situations can kill the brain cells.

# Adrenaline Rush Gives The Body Powers Beyond Limits. You would definitely hear about the adrenaline hormone, when the higher amount of it gets infused in blood, it gives us an excess power to lift up things which are impossible to move even in the normal state. About a few years ago, A man from Vietnam saved his friend from a crashed helicopter. He lifted that tonnes-weighted helicopter with his bare hands and his friend sneaked out of it, beating death.

In life-dangering events and high stress situations, the adrenal glands secrets higher amounts of hormones called adrenaline which get infused in blood and literally turn a common person into a superhero. However, frequent higher dosage of particular hormones is fatal for both body & brain. Refrain yourself from involving in such stressful circumstances.

# Watch It If You Are Below Or At 44. A worldwide survey suggests that people with age ranging in 1 to 44 years face physical/mental disabilities and death because of traumatic brain injuries as the leading cause. Most commonly these injuries involve motor vehicle crashes, fall from height, major hit in accidents and assaults.

# Brains Are Shrinking In Humans. Scientists have failed till now in finding the exact reason, why brains are shrinking? Over the period of the last 5,000 years, our human brains are shrinking and they have downsized by 9 cubic inches till now. Nothing to worry about, as we told you about 3 facts ago that size has got nothing to do with intelligence, so, Keep Calm & Love Your Brain.

# Deja Vu Is Purely A Brain Made Up Thing. Scientists after performing several studies on the human brain, found no reason or explanation for the concept Deja Vu. They think that it’s actually a neurological glitch taking place because of something that is registered in the subconscious part of the brain, before it hits the conscious mind as a thought.

# You Hit The Brain Cells, They Glow. Have you ever hit your head on a surface and experienced a line of light or a glowing stream came in vision? Yes, what seems like random light to you, is actually just the jolts to brain cells which are responsible for vision. And when these brain cells experience a sudden jerk, these visual hallucinations are just their simple response. We recommend you to not to try this, head banging can be fatal and if not fatal, why torturing yourself?

# Eyes Are A Part Of The Brain & We Have An Evidence. You would have experienced this multiple times, pupils constricting when they are exposed to bright light. This involuntary action is called the pupillary light reflex. You can also perform this experiment on your own and see the pupil constricting itself.

This reflex action of pupils is used by doctors/surgeons to determine whether the reflex pathway to the brain has been disrupted or not. If one or both of the eyes fail to perform this involuntary action i.e. pupillary light reflex, then the doctor can work to pinpoint the exact location of the disconnect and try to fix it.

# Brain Takes Away The 1/5th Of Your Total Oxygen Intake. Human brain surely works a lot for us, and in return it takes a big chunk of our daily oxygen intake. About 20% of total oxygen in the body is sent to the brain through blood, however, the brain represents merely 2% of our total body weight.

# Compass Brain Is An Existing Type. There are a few languages being spoken and used in daily lives by people, who proudly do not include terms for Front, Back, Left and Right, hence they use the term North, South, East & West respectively as replacement. People raised in such languages have been found to always know where they are heading direction wise, resulting in a type of developed compass brain.

# Don’t Just Water The Plants, Your Brain Needs It Too. An adult human body is approximately 60% water. The brain is one step ahead and it’s 73% of just water. If you’re missing out drinking the water for too long, and somehow manage to lose 2% of your total body water, you can suffer from a loss in memory, attention, cognitive skills and motor skills. If you’re thinking about dehydrating yourself above 2%, you’re expected not to count above 3% because deads surely can’t count.

# Babies Growth Years Are Crucial For A Reason. The brains of babies grow rapidly. Generally, a 2 year baby will have an excellent 80% of a fully grown brain, rest of the 20% would be adding up in coming years. This rapid growth and development is the main reason why parents should keep a keen watch about what their kids are learning & how they are reacting in different situations. The child’s development in the early stages is so impactful that it stays and reflects in their abilities as an adult.

# Some Says Thought Travels Faster Than Light, Science Disagrees! It takes 8 minutes 20 seconds for the light to travel and reach earth from the sun, that means the sun you are seeing right now is actually 500 secs old. While the information transferring in our brain occurs at the speed of approximately 260 miles per hour, that’s fast too, undoubtedly. But not enough to beat the speed of light.

# Yawning Is Meaningful, More Than You Can Think Of. Whenever your brain requires more oxygen, it instructs your body to yawn and collect more oxygen. Birds, Reptiles and mammals all yawn and the brain controls it through neurotransmitters.

Yawning is contagious, if you yawn, the person sitting close to you will yawn too, nobody knows the reason. Even, we can bet that while reading this fact, you were yawning too and you took at least a couple of yawns. Didn’t you?

# Cerebellum Is The Small Brain In Itself. The brain is incomplete without Cerebellum, this unit is also called as the small brain in different parts of the world, however this isn’t a medical term anywhere. Cerebellum is responsible for walking, posture and other movement coordinations. It is located in the back of the brain, right above the spine joining the upper part of the neck. This particular piece weighs 150 grams alone.

# The Brain’s Hemispheres Are Another Story. The human brain is quite evidently split into two sides, the left hemisphere & the right hemisphere. They both interact with the opposite sides of the body according to their position, the left hemisphere controls the right part of the body & vice versa. While this interaction is known and studied a lot, but, the reason behind this cross direction connection is still under the shadow of question marks. However, this crossing over is known as Decussation.

# The Left Hemisphere. As discussed above this particular part of the brain handles the actions of the right side of the body, it also performs tasks related to logic such as science, mathematics & problem solving. Now you know why some people are so good at logical reasoning while the others fail to do so.

# The Right Hemisphere. Actions of the left side of the body follows the instruction coming from here only. This part also performs tasks that have relation with creativity and art. Artists have their right hemisphere as more active in comparison with the left one, and this fact clears the air, why!

# Blood Vessels In Your Brain Can Travel New York To Washington Back and Forth. The human brain consists of the capillary bed, a dense network of interconnecting capillaries and vessels which provides both blood and oxygen to the brain and then to the body. If we separately bring out each capillary and join them to form a straight line, it will cover a distance of more than 400 miles. And this fact is astonishing.

# Eat Seafood And Beat The Google. Do you know that the seafood can actually improve your memory? Yes, it’s a proven fact, the fatty acids present in the seafood improves the health of the brain, particularly the storage part of it and helps a lot to make you remember and process information more quickly than ever before. And don’t consider yourself a genius right after eating an extra prawn tonight, you gotta eat seafood regularly and keep the natural fats intact in order to bring out the best results.

# The Brain Keeps Growing. Well, saying this won’t be true for people who have crossed the late 40s age. Science says that the brain is the only organ in a human body which keeps developing for this long time and it experiences more changes than any other part of the system too. In some cases, the brain may keep growing till late 50s for some people.

# Babies Lose Around 50% Of The Brain Neurons Before Their Birth. Is this fact making you uncomfortable? Well, this doesn’t affect the babies much, they lose about half of their brain neurons, which are incapable of receiving sufficient input from the other areas of the brain. And this is quite normal, why to have non working neutrons filled in the brain?

# Mothers Are Really The First Teachers, Says Science. Studies have found that when mothers speak to their babies, the baby may not understand it but their tiny brain surely starts storing the information and after a very few days, starts learning it. On average, a baby learns 300 more words than normal by the age of 2.

# The Frankenstein. Have you seen people wearing an odd shower cal type skull, with electronic receptors and lots of wires around? If not in reality but surely on TV or on YouTube. These odd caps are called the EEGs or ElectroEncephaloGraphy device. This EEGs is an non-invasive imaging technique that is used to record small changes of electrical activities in the brain. The device used in this procedure is surfaced with multiple electrodes and the subject (human) has to wear this on his head wrapped around his brain skull. The scientists then study many aspects of the brain, tiny fluctuations in the EEG signals indicate whether the person is aroused, asleep or somewhere in between.

# Child Abuse Results In Major Brain Sizing Effects. Researchers from Baylor University have discovered that children who have experienced sexual abuse at any point of their lives leads to deprivation of touching, playing and interaction with others. This is because they feel more secure while secluded and believe that they may have to go through the same trauma again if they get exposed to the social world. These touch deprived kids tend to have 20-30% smaller brains than that of the other kids sharing the same age. Child abuse can thus inhibit the development of brain in them and negatively affect them for life.

# Epilepsy Is A Concern, Must Be Taken Seriously. Nearly every one person out of 20 present on the earth is dealing with epilepsy. In this issue, the patient’s nerve cells activity in the brain is disturbed, causing seizures. This happens generally because of genetic disorders or an acquired brain injury.

It is estimated that approximately 10% of the population in the world have experienced a seizure at least once in their lifetime.

# Why Do You Scratch When It Itches? Because that’s the remedy!! Well, your brain strongly disagrees. If we see from a medical perspective, scratching an itch would look like just a strange biological response. It actually hinders the process of healing rather than helping you. Scientists believe that we itch because it stimulates the release of endorphins and other natural opiates which certainly blocks the pain. Because scratching the itch thus damages the upper skin, it causes a fresh rush of endorphins to help in the pain.

# If You Remember Those Old Days, You Surely Have A Strong Memory. Every time that you remember something, you, in return, strengthen the memory of your brain. Whenever you exercise the neural pathways by remembering a data/event, your brain automatically starts connecting it with other things, which makes the data or event more easily memorable, so the next time when you remember the connection link, you remember the incident automatically. The older and maximum times a memory has been recalled, the stronger is that memory along with its connection is.

# If You Keep Forgetting Things, You Are Probably An Intelligent Person. Okay, first of all, no need to get confused, the above one says that remembering an event for a long time proves a good memory and here we are talking about intelligence. Having a sharp memory is a different thing and being intelligent is totally a different concept. Studies prove that those who are smart tend to forget things pretty easily, maybe that’s because they are just brilliant at processing the information and not remembering it.

In computer terms, the brain cells work as RAM for this type of people, and not as ROM. So, if your girlfriend taunts you for not remembering her friends or family members, just tell her that you are too smart to remember this not so important information.

# You Don’t Remember What You Just Saw In Your Dream, Why? See this. When you are sleeping, your brain instructs the body to produce a particular type of hormone which prevents you from getting up and acting out of your dream, as it might hurt you in reality. The aftereffect of this hormone results in you forgetting half of the dream scene and 90% of it is deleted from your memory in the next 5 minutes. So, if you are a story writer and see a great dream, just keep a voice recorder handy, so whenever you wake up, pick the recorder and start recording your dream.

# Computer Computes Well & Brain Solves The Problem Well. This has been a myth that the human brain is always better than the computer at everything. No, that is true halfway only. A computer is far much faster in computing figures in comparison with the human brain any day, while the human brain is always capable of solving complex problems faster than any computer present in the world, and perhaps better than any computer or supercomputer that will ever exist.

# Do You Know Why Babies Sleep So Much? The brains of babies suck up 50% of their total glucose supply in their body, and they need some extra hours and then food(milk) to cope up with such conditions. Good nutrition is extremely important for brain health for everyone and especially babies.

Dieting can force the brain to eat itself up and those infants and fetuses which fall in the list of cases of malnutrition, they do suffer from cognitive and behavioral deficits, which will negatively affect their lives in the longer run.

# Wanna Know How Thoughtful A Human Brain Is? An average of above 70,000 thoughts hit our brain everyday and we remember less than 0.1% from it. More than 99.9% of the thoughts are inspired by what we listen, see and experience in our daily lives. You are who your close friends make you, saying turns true. Choose your friends wisely.

# A Good Smell Makes Your Day. Our sense of smell is the only sense which depends totally and directly linked to our limbic system. This part of the brain is specialized in emotional, physical, and psychological responses. This clearly proves that a good smell from anywhere, can uplift or change your mood dramatically in just a snap.

# Hippocampus Goes Like Its Prefix Name Hippo. A group of researchers studied the brains of London Taxi Drivers and found that they had a physically larger hippocampus in their brains, this particular part of brains are responsible for memory. This survey suggests that the more you force the memory to remember something, the larger this particular part of your brain grows.

# Magenta Is Nothing More Than Just “Not Green”. Sounds a little weird, right? But that’s true, nearly all colors have a distinctive wavelength associated with them, but the “Magenta” color does not! Hence, the human brain simply processes it as color which is “not green”.

# You Don’t Feel Comfortable Sleeping In Someone Else’s Place, We Know Why? When your brain finds you sleeping in a new environment, different from the regular one, it triggers the mild danger alarm inside, treats this new environment as a danger site and chooses to remain half-awake in order to be more aware and counter quickly, if required.

This program is filled in our brains straight from the early man’s ages, as they used to sleep half-awaken to save themselves from wild animals and other dangerous creatures which may turn fatal for them any moment.

# Brains Has Got Some Serious Talking To Do With Stomach. According to several pieces of research done on brains by UCLA scientists, humans have been observed to have their first bout with depression or anxiety attack straight after suffering from a stomach illness. They did many brain scans, they found that the patients who ate probiotics in their meals daily, had their brains directly affected by the bacteria. All of their research suggests that your brain is affected much more times by the health of stomach microbes than it was once thought.

# Movies Aren’t Always Bad For Eyes. Bruce Bridgeman, a psychology professor from the University of California, Santa Cruz, spent nearly his entire life of 67 years, with poor depth perception and flat angle view. Such type of vision disability is called Stereoblindness. In feb 2012, he was forced to purchase a pair of 3D glasses and made sit to watch the Martin Scorsese 3D film, Hugo, by some of his well-wishers. His brain clicked after this extensive 3D exposure and he was now able to experience 3D vision like a normal person. He was tragically killed in an accident on July 10, 2016, in Taipei. That means he enjoyed the interesting depth perception of vision, only for 4 years of his total life.

# Brain Tumors Act Nuts Sometimes. Symptoms of a growing tumor in the brain can be anything, A British man had hiccups for almost 2.5 years of his life in a straight line, and he was told by the local doctors that this due to heartburn which will get treated, nothing much to worry about. This man kept suffering from these chronic hiccups until a Japanese TV show picked up his strange phenomenon and they sponsored all the cost of his medal testing.

He was diagnosed with a type of brain tumor, clearing why these hiccups were coming from there and not from any heartburn. Later he went under brain surgery and get his tumor removed, and the hiccups never came back to him again.

# Why Do People Prefer Drink Alcohol After A Major Heartbreak? Explained. Come, let us take you to the bar on the down street corner. No, you aren’t going tipsy, you are here to observe people who are getting high on alcohol and this is actually helping them forget the memories, but, is this really happening?

No! Blacking out from drinking is actually caused because the hippocampus part of your brain has been affected by alcohol for a short period of time, it will recover pretty soon with no damages. As this part of your brain is responsible for memory, you may not remember anything that’s happening right now. Alcohol may make your brain incapable of recording and storing new memories for a short while now, but, you aren’t physically forgetting anything.

This proves that getting high on alcohol and considering you will forget the breakup pain, is a total waste. You may find it helpful for a short while as you aren’t able to process the painful or lovely memories you have stored in the brain, but you are not forgetting them forever. Continuous consumption of alcohol affects the nervous system badly however, a shot or two in a week isn’t a bad idea.

# Tears Of Sorrow Is Sibling With Tears Of Joy. Because they both are the same at every point, one can only differentiate by looking at your face, if you are smiling, it’s tears of joy and vice versa. But some people are so confusing, you won’t get a chance to understand their tears at all. Beware of these guys, keep this as personal advice, nothing related to science about this.

So, getting back to science, our brain and precisely our hypothalamus is just unable to distinguish the difference between strong sadness and strong happiness. Hypothalamus is responsible for many important functions like maintaining daily physiological cycles, regulating body temperature, releasing hormones, and others.

# Why Do Your Feets Get Tapping The Floor When The Music Is On? Ever thought about it? Ah, we know you did but never really thought of searching for an appropriate answer. So, you get chills when you listen to music, as a result your brain releases dopamine aka the hormones of happiness. And when you actually get “moving”, this action is anticipated by the peak moment in the song when the beats are high, and hence the hormones of happiness get triggered to release in abundant quantity, resulting in you following the groove. Awesome, right! We got you.

# Severe Criminals Are Kept Secluded For A Reason. You may think that’s because they might hurt the people around them or incite something bad if they have a history like that, but No, those are not the scientific reasons here. Solitary confinements can actually result in neurological damages to a normal brain, and may take away the power of decision making forever. That is the reason these brutal criminals are kept behind bars, all alone.

Those people who choose to stay alone and willingly disconnect with the world for reasons like sexual abuse, traumatic injuries or anything that hurts their mind badly, are tend to have similar patterns extreme neurological damages. On such an extensive level that it shows up on their EEG scans.

# If You Choose Not To Sleep Properly, You Are Damaging Your Brain Severely. While we sleep, the fluids present in our spinal cord flows through the brain on the blood vessels present on the outer side of it. This removes specific buildups of amyloid-beta proteins and other brain cell wastes too.

The above-explained procedure is done only in the duration of sleeping, and if you keep skipping your daily hours of sleep for a longer period, the buildup of the protein may give you Alzheimer’s for life. If not so immediately, then surely this is going to increase the risk. You can sleep after reading this article, we won’t mind.

# You Can Fool Your Brain And Learn Anything You Could Not Before. Theodor Erismann, a swiss psychologist and scientist, invented goggles that completely flipped his vision. At first, he struggled a lot with this new upside-down world, but he didn’t give up and kept wearing the goggles. Within 5 days, his brain adapted to the changes and started to project everything as normal.

This same brain adaptation experiment is very well demonstrated by a YouTuber Destin Sandlin, his channel “Smarter Every Day” is quite famous. He tried riding a bike with flipped steering, which means, if he steers right then the bike turns left and vice versa. He literally learned this flipped version of the bicycle, which made him forget how to ride a normal one. He beautifully explained how you can fool your brain with determination.

In this experiment, he involved his son too, who is merely a 5 years old kid. Destin made his son ride this flipped steering bicycle and this kid shocked him showing the same level of progress in 2 weeks which Destin attained in 8 months. This also proves that kids have much higher brain plasticity than adults, and they can learn new skills far more quickly. You must watch the video for better understanding, click here.

# Diabetics, We Need Your Kind Attention Here. A worldwide survey suggests that every 11th present on earth is dealing with diabetes and this figure will reach its double by the year 2040. A significant number of these diabetics are suffering from type 3 diabetes. It has been observed that this type resists the body to produce and secrete insulin, which ultimately affects the brain. This deficiency of insulin in the brain is the major reason for Alzheimer’s disease.

# Supercomputer: 00 & Human Brain: 100,000. The figure written in the description really means something. The power required by the world’s fastest supercomputer to operate at its optimum is about 24 million watts, while the human requires only 20 watts of power and operates about 100 thousand times faster. After all, computers are made by the human brain, how could they beat us ever? And you wish this doesn’t happen in the future too.

# One More Reason To Go And Exercise In Gym. Not particularly gym, you can exercise anywhere you like, as per studies, doing exercise lowers down our brain’s cognitive decline pretty efficiently. This means you can literally save your brain from getting old by a huge margin of 10 full years, just by increasing your physical activity daily. What are you waiting for, hit the floor, and start cardio quickly?

# Intel Has Made A Chip That Works Like The Human Brain. The Intel engineers call it “Intel Corporation’s self-learning neuromorphic research chip”, code-named “Loihi.” The neuromorphic chip processes data similar to how a human brain does, overcoming the challenges plaguing the first generation of artificial intelligence chips. With this product, Intel is extending AI into the yet unexplored areas that work similar to human cognition including autonomous adaptation and self drawn interpretation. 

“This is critical to overcoming the so-called ‘brittleness’ of AI solutions based on neural network training and inference, which depend on literal, deterministic views of events that lack context and commonsense understanding,” Intel wrote in a research report. “Next-generation AI must be able to address novel situations and abstraction to automate ordinary human activities.” You can read more about this brilliant technology here.

That’s All For Today Brainy Folks.

So, that was it. These were some mind boggling facts about the brain exclusively chosen to expand your knowledge about the world’s best machine: the human brain, in a slight quirky manner. All the information and research done for this article are absolutely correct and highly reliable to every extent.

If you still feel that any of the facts are not correct or it has changed by the time, please write it in the comment section. If you think we have missed any interesting facts about the Human Brain, do let us know in the comment section down below. The article will be updated timely for fresh facts & changes if required.