Interesting Facts About The Internet : Lets Surf

About The Internet…

The Internet came into existence in order to exchange information around the corners of the world and help us in globalization but, that’s not why we love the internet. We love our internet because it connects us to the world, to people we know or we may not know. It’s fun to exist on the internet and challenge the distance barriers.

We know magic, yes we do! Let us show you a trick, now we are gonna tell you the top 5 apps you use the most on your phone. Ready? So, here we go.. Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & WhatsApp. Yeah, that was accurate, no clappings, please.

Now as we are done with the magic prank, let’s assume that our internet stops working for some time. Are you able to use your favorite apps now? What a waste, right? You gave all your time to these apps and now they are behaving utterly rude just because the mere internet isn’t available, that’s sad!

Well, apps do run on the internet so, no internet means no apps, your phone isn’t smart anymore, you are the back the to late 80s where the phones were used for calling and messaging purposes. And yes, offline games are still serving you the purpose but who plays offline games, right?

In the 1980s the internet started getting employed in academia & commercial biggies. In the year 2006, USA Today’s included the Internet in their list of New Seven Wonders. So, here we are gonna tell some interesting facts about the Internet itself, which will satisfy your curious itch of questions like, What damages can we expect if the internet goes off for a day? Who is responsible for ever-growing internet traffic? Is Dark Web for real & how to access it? And many more.

See The Internet Curiosity Getting Relaxed…


# How many internet users are there in the world?

According to a survey, there is a total of 4.54 Billion people registered as active users of the internet. That makes around 59% of the population of the earth.

# Which country serves the fastest internet?

It’s the right time to get jealous with people of UAE & Singapore, because they enjoy the best speed of internet service within their local periphery. UAE serves the best internet speed for mobiles in the world with a top performance speed 83.52 Mbps, while Singapore is making every other country trailing behind with the unbelievable speed of 197.26 Mbps. Now you envy them, We know that.

While we Americans are still lagging behind with 21.3 Mbps. Don’t even think of it, they won’t allow you to have citizenship just because you are frustrated with slow internet speed in the US.

# Volume of Emails sent/received in one day?

More than 293.6 Billion emails are sent or received per day on the internet. Sounds hectic, right? And to your surprise, more than 55% of the emails are spam, which means roughly 107 Billion emails may not make it to the ” inbox ” section and end up getting ignored in the ” trash ” bin for sure.

# Who said surfing on the internet for the first time?

We all have heard and used this word for a decade long time. The man who coined the term surfing for the internet is Jean Armour Polly, he was a librarian and he used the term for the first time in 1992 as he was too creative. The alternative and more appropriate word is Browsing the internet. I particularly liked the previous one, which sounds more adventures.

# Who is responsible for ever-growing internet traffic?

You must have stuck while browsing on a website n that happens many a time. The system blames the traffic on the internet, who created this congestion, human? No, not this time. Internet bots and malware are responsible for this evil work.

# I find online dating sites stupid, do they make any money?

Yes, you heard it right, according to a study conducted by Incapsula, 61.5% of the internet traffic is created by bots and malware, this huge percentage makes nearly two-thirds of internet traffic. Technology will consume humanity one day, mark my words.

Online dating websites are practically the best start-up thing for the right enthusiasts. Online Dating Sites fetched a huge $2.141 Billion in revenue in the year 2020. These websites in the internet market valued at $6,400 Million in the year 2017 and are projected to reach above $9,200 in the year 2025, with a CAGR of 4.7% for the tenure 2018 to 2025.

# Which language is most used on the internet?

The internet is most filled with language English for its content. No wonder, Bill Gates belongs to our land. Americans are experiencing a hefty level of internet penetration, more than 78% of the people living here in the United States are on the internet.

# How much of the content is uploaded to Youtube every minute?

We all love YouTube and imagine our amount of love by the fact that with every passing minute, 300 hours of videos are uploading. On an average 8 out of 10 people within the range of 18 to 49 with internet facility watch YouTube videos at least once in a month.

The content rate is rapidly increasing as the years are passing and it is estimated that by 2025, around 2000 hours of upload will be getting done every minute.

# What will happen if the Internet stops working for a day?

This is the most common question every curious brain asks. The whole world is connected with the support of the internet, you will first lose the connectivity with everyone. Most of our services are now based on internet connections for better service, they will stop top. No GPS, because it requires the internet too. Expect no trains or flights, as the whole network is now based on the internet.

You can still use the telephone network, especially the wired one. You wish this situation stays no longer than a day, however, a day will cost about $1 Trillion alone.

# Are the “treatment camps for internet addicts” for real?

Yes, there are some operational treatment camps in China. China has the world’s largest population within its border and the Chinese language is the second most used language on the internet. This is enough to understand how many users are there in China for the internet. The craze for the internet is now turned into a national issue there.

Online gaming has taken over the brains of people there, especially those who are under 25 years of age. These internet addicts get their treatment done in such camps where they learn to enjoy life and live peacefully without the internet. Later when they complete their course, they are set to go in the real world. However, this has been observed that the cases are rapidly increasing every day and no nation is untouched with this issue in today’s scenario.

# How many websites are hacked daily in the world?

Nearly about 30,000 websites are hacked daily. The cybercriminals have developed a highly effective computer program which is designed to detect automatically those vulnerable websites which are easy to hack.

These criminal hackers usually hacked small business websites to perform money transactions & sometimes they attack big organization’s websites and demand for ransom against it.

# Who invented webcam?

Paul Jardetsly was the guy who came up with the idea of webcam. There is an interesting story behind it, in the year 1991, Dr. Quentin Stafford-Frazer and Paul went too frustrated with the empty coffee jars trips in the microwave. They then realized that most of the late-night studiers are experiencing the same problem. So they invented webcam to keep an eye on the coffee levels without actually being there. A live 128×128 grayscale photo of the current status of the coffee pot was provided as the video feed.

Well, they really proved the saying Necessity Is The Mother Of Inventions.

# How much of electrons are required to create an email?

Well, this particular depends on the size and content of the email you are talking about but, for an overview idea, around 2 billion electrons are required to produce an average single daily email. Over 203.8 Million emails are drafted and sent per minute, now imagine the number of electrons getting used in the process.

# Which is the most viewed video on the internet till today?

If you think the answer is Gangnam Style, then you’re wrong my friend or maybe your information is too old to be true. ” Despacito ” by Daddy Yankee & Louis Fonsi is topping the chart with more than 6.7 Billion views. The figure can be understood with this simple quote that the total population on earth is 7.8 Billion, hence every 17 of 20 people present on the earth has at least seen this particular video once in their lifetime. Huge.

# How powerful the internet is in physic’s terms?

The internet is today’s scenario requires above 50 Million horsepower in order to operate successfully.

In the year 2005, we had a maximum speed of 2 Mbps for the internet. But as the technology grew and demand increased, this limit is now stretched to 100 Mbps in various parts of the world. However, the scientists have warned that this is the maximum of what the optical fiber can take & they may fail if exceeded above this in future.

# Who wrote the first tweet on Twitter?

Twitter is an integral part of our daily lives and we have now developed a sense of summarizing our feelings and opinions in those 140 characters limit and we love it. The first tweet ever on Twitter was posted by its creator Jack Dorsey at 12:50 PM PST on March 21, 2006. The tweet reads ” just setting up my twitter “.

The first tweet came from space was written by astronaut Michael J. Massimino on May 13, 2009, and it reads ” From orbit: Launch was awesome “. Fancy!

# Who posted the first video on YouTube?

The first video uploaded on YouTube is still available for watching, it was posted by one of its creator Jawed Karim. The title for the video is ” Me At The Zoo ” and it was posted on 8:27 PM on Aprils 23, 2005.

The total length of the video is 19 seconds and it has scored more than 93 million views till now. You can watch the video here.

# Do everyone uses the internet in developed countries like Britain & Italy?

No, not everyone is fortunate enough to access the internet, not even once. And as far as Britain is concerned, there are approximately 9 million adults there who have never used the internet & the figure is more shocking in Italy, as one-third of the population never tried internet till now.

Imagine, we are having treatment camps for internet addicts in China and there is still this huge number of people who are living without the touch of the internet in their lives. Are they happy? Well, that’s debatable. We’ll leave this to you.

# Which is the world’s first website?

To your surprise, the world’s first website is still alive and kicking. is the first website registered on the internet. It went live on August 6, 1991. This website was created by Tim Berners Lee and it is totally dedicated to informing you about the World Wide Web project.

# How old is the internet, is there anyone counting for the records?

Well, the internet is above 11,000 days old from now today. How do we know about it? We earlier told you that we know magic. Okay, there is a dedicated web page that is counting the days for the internet. You can keep checking the age of the internet from here(hypertext and don’t forget to wish when it’s an anniversary day for our beloved internet.

Also, we all must be thankful for being able to use free information from all around the world through the internet.

# How much of money do we spend each year online?

$601.75 Billion were spent on online e-commerce websites in the US alone, in the year 2019. This figure is up by 14.9% from the past year, which made around $523.64 Billion. 

And if you think that the internet is just making you spend money only, try to check the amount of time you spend daily online. You will be shocked to notice this particular record. After all, we have treatment camps for a reason.

# Is the Internet & World Wide Web the same thing?

No, they are quite miles apart from each other. The Internet is just the network between us and the internet, while the worldwide web acts as a bridge between the information and you, based on the internet. Let’s understand it with an example. 

Imagine you are in a car and you need to get on the other side of the bridge. So practically the bridge is making you eligible to go on the other side. Here, your car is the internet and the bridge is the World Wide Web. Now don’t argue by saying you can visit on the other side by walking, that’s not even debatable.

# Do the ” You’ve Got Mail ” website still exists?

Glad you still remember the You’ve Got Mail website. This website was designed by warner bros and it’s still available on the internet and we strongly recommend you to take a visit and feel nostalgic about it. 

# Which image was uploaded first on the internet?

The first image was uploaded by the inventor of the modern-day World Wide Web. It was a promotional image of a comedy band of females founded by employees of CERN laboratories. The picture was actually a shot from comedy series named Les Horribles Cernettes.

# How many gadgets are connected to the internet today?

More than 31 Billion gadgets around the world are connected to the internet network in the year 2020. It is expected that around 75 Billion gadgets will be laying on the internet by the end of 2027. It doesn’t sound like a nice fact for security concerns.

It is noticeable that the total population of humans on earth is 7.8 Billion, while the gadgets are almost 4 times of us. And we aren’t just taking any pit-stop, on the other hand, we are exceeding to get surrounded by more gadgets in the coming future. Technology will eat humanity one fine day, for sure.

Generally, what we search and access in daily usage lies in the Surface Web. Deep Web is actually a bigger network than the surface web, it is generally used by government and organizations working for their countries. It is highly recommended to stay away from using the deep web if you aren’t an authorized person to do that.

# Is there any difference between the Surface Web & Deep Web?

The deep web contains 90% of the information on the internet, still, you can’t access it with your regular web crawler. You can try Tor browser for the purpose, but still, we will suggest you stay away from this web as there are many strange kinds of stuff lingering there.

There is one more web available after these, and that’s Dark Web. This is the deepest web and accessing this particular may end you up behind the bars. So stay away from it.

# Is Dark Web for real & How can I access it?

The dark web is the most hideous side of the internet, it includes drugs network, human trafficking, child pornography and every illegal thing you can & you can never think of. Better stay away as far as you can from this.

We are not allowed to discuss and tell you how to access the dark web, but you can’t access it with your regular google chrome or any other browser, and that’s for sure. Enjoy.

# Which country first made the Internet a legal right?

The year 2010 was a tremendous year that saw historic events taking place. Following this trend, On June 1, 2010, Finland became the first country to declare internet access a legal right for each of their citizens. This is a very positive effort from a country that considers the internet as a legal right and not a privilege. Finland is the most considerate nation undoubtedly.

# How famous is the Facebook website?

Let’s understand the fame of Facebook around the world with an example. More than half of the world’s population is using the internet, and more than half of them are on Facebook. Now you have a clear idea of the power of Facebook and the hold they got on the globe.

# Can we weigh the internet?

This may sound a little awkward at first but yes, it is possible to weigh the internet. And we feel proud to tell you the fact that the total weight of the internet is already been calculated. Physicist Russel Seitz in the year 2011 told the world that the internet is currently weighing approximately 50 grams, that’s close to a big strawberry.

See, as we know the internet is running because of electrons. And electrons weigh 9.109 x 10(to the power -31). Hence the whole cluster of electrons will definitely weigh something. Hence this theory went successful.

In the year 2020, the weight of the internet has increased dramatically and is about 141.2 grams. That is almost thrice in just 9 years.

# Which is the most expensive keyword?

In google ads, the most expensive keywords are ” insurance “. No need to be surprised about, there are plenty of websites and never-ending offers for insurance in the world today. As the world is exceeding, the demand for insurance is rapidly increasing too. Hence having this word as an expensive keyword is quite reasonable.

# How fresh are we when we talk about google searches?

That’s a very smart question to be asked by anyone, and the answer is pretty interesting too. We generally use the internet for daily things, regular searches and hardly we go off to our pattern and that’s as rare as once or twice in a week. But, the world doesn’t seem to be on our side, there are about 16 to 20% of searches are done on the internet daily those are never been searched ever before. Now you must have another question in your mind, where do these people come from? Well, we aren’t the one to reply to that.

# Does it takes effort to execute successfully a google query?

If you go to Google and search a query, let us tell you that it’s gonna use about 1000 computers in less than 0.2 seconds to retrieve your answer. Quite a tiring job, right? Not for Google. They do this a billion times, every hour, 365 days a year.

# What do we use more, Desktop, or Phone?

The answer must be the Internet! Okay, so we use the internet mostly on the phone these days, actually way much more than that of desktops. Earlier the facility was exclusively available on computers only but then technology brought the power of the internet in our hands & now we are on the verge of forgetting out once-beloved desktops. That’s saddening, why don’t you write a tweet about it, using the smartphone in your hand. 

# Which is the first domain registered on the internet? is the world’s first domain to get registered on the internet. And this domain is still working, check it out here.

# Who wrote the first spam mail?

Gary Thuerk was the guy who sent the first spam mail email in the world, that too in the year 1978 over ARPNET. He was allegedly selling computers.

# Who invented GIFs?

These short videos without a voice are loved by everyone, who won’t like a moving sticker anyway. We must thank Mr. Steve Wilhite, an engineer at Compuserve then. He invented gif in the year 1987.

Later in the years, it has been a topic of discussion that which one is the right pronunciation, gif or jif? Steve told The New York Times that the right pronunciation of Gif is ” jif “. However, The Oxford Dictionary accepts both of the pronunciations. They are wrong.

# Which country tops the chart in penetration of internet users?

Kuwait tops the chart of the highest penetration of internet users in the whole world, with a huge 99.6% of the record. Simply surprising.

# Which content tops the chart on internet usage?

That’s hard to believe but Asia alone has 50.3% of the internet users among the total netizens. And Chinese is the second most used language on the internet after English, this validates the above fact.

Below are the stats of continents using internet percentage-wise.

  • Asia – 50.3%
  • Europe – 15.9%
  • Africa – 11.5%
  • Latin America & The Caribbean – 10.1%
  • North America – 7.6%
  • Middle East – 3.9%
  • Australia & Oceania – 0.6%

So, that was it. These were some interesting facts about the internet exclusively chosen to expand your knowledge about the internet in a slightly quirky manner. All the information and research done for this article are absolutely correct and highly reliable at every extent.

If you still feel that any of the facts are not correct or it has changed by the time, please write it in the comment section. If you think we have missed any interesting facts about the internet, do let us know in the comment section down below. The article will be updated timely for fresh facts & changes if required.