30 Soul-Splitting Facts About Tom Riddle

Tom Marvolo Riddle, the half-blooded gifted wizard who was born of a witch mother and a muggle father has a great impact in the Harry Potter series and is difficult to vanish from our memory. The fictional character was the main antagonist in J. K. Rowling’s famous series of novels, Harry Potter. 

“In fact, in this tale of good versus evil, it would be easier to just let Voldemort be a tautology—he’s evil because he’s evil. Instead, Rowling grounds his evil incomprehensible human flaws, and shows that to defeat evil we not only have to fight it, but to try to understand where it comes from in the first place.”—Julie Beck

Tom Riddle grow up to become Voldemort in the series and his history as Tom is what makes the character interesting. The Potterheads would agree that Voldermort’s origin as Tom Riddle was a pretty significant part of the series and later his progression into a terrorizing figure such as of Voldemort is something that hasn’t mapped out completely. 

The character development of Tom Riddle into Voldemort is definitely striking and the sort of transformation he made as an antagonist gets more evident with time. From an early age Riddle ventured to the dark side of the world and since then never looked back and that’s when his journey as Voldemort began. 

His appearance of a missing nose and pale skin also has a hidden story. And from his life to the choices he made, everything stores some pretty dark secrets about him that you will get familiar with through this article. In this article, we are going to discuss every soul-splitting fact that is concerned with the life of Tom Riddle and his progression into Voldemort. 

1. Incapability of Understanding Love

We all know the kind of sadist Voldemort is, but how many of you know that its underlying foundation lies in his incapability of understanding love? Well, the story goes like this, when Tom Riddle was conceived, his father drank the love potion and was under its influence.  

Though he had also been exposed to the feelings that rush after parental abandonment and apart from that he is physically incapable to understand the feeling of love and affection and lack the basic compassion that humans have towards each other.

2. Lifeless Corpse

Tom Riddle is afraid to die, in search of immortality he has gone through some real trouble and lost his appearances in the process. He has also used Horcruxes, and that clearly indicates that he is not ready to die at no point in life. 

So, keeping that in mind, J. K. Rowling concluded that Riddle’s Boggarts is his own lifeless corpse. Because that’s his way of staying alive forever. 

3. The Kray Twins

The reason why people use the phrase ‘You know who, he who must not be named’ is because Voldemort is someone so feared that no one wanted to utter his name. The idea behind this came from a real incident in the history of Britain. 

There was a dangerous gangster in history known by the name of Kray twins. They were such notorious creatures that people avoided even taking their name and they were feared so much that people tried to not talk about them as much as possible.

4. One Day Before New Year

The birth date of  Tom Riddle is 31st December 1926, he was born a day before New Year’s. He must have had two parties consequently for two days. Lol.

5. The Educator

As soon as Tom Riddle graduated, he wished to be a professor and wanted to teach students the Defense against the dark arts. But he was profusely refused by Armondo Dippet, who was the headmaster at the moment. He did so because Riddle was not old enough for the job.

Later he again applied after ten years but he was shut down quickly by Dumbledore.

6. Poisonous Wand

The wand used by Harry and Riddle both uses a phoenix feather core and although they share this similarity among their wands but the functionality is totally different because of the wood that is used in the making of it.

The wood used in Harry’s want is of holly that is made for repelling the evil powers and the wood that is used in the making of Riddle’s wand is yew wood that is poisonous.

7. The Halloween Costume

When Riddle was on his way to kill Harry’s parents he was complimented by a child on his way. The child most-possibly sarcastically praised him for his Halloween costume but it would be the first time when Harry didn’t kill the child who insulted him. 

8. The Cursed Child

Being the last descendent of Salazar Slytherin, he has the sole responsibility to continue the generation of Salazar Slytherin. But seems like the bloodline is going to end with him since he does not have any children. Well, of course, if you don’t count ‘The cursed child’, the potter heads don’t.

9. Backstabber

Of all the ways he could destroy you, backstabbing like a snitcher is also a one. This happened when Riddle and Hagrid were attending Hogwarts together. At the time, Riddle plotted against him and framed him for Opening the chamber of secrets. 

After that Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts and his wand was also broken. Along with all this, he was forbidden to ever use magic again. 

10. Horcrux

Tom Riddle split his soul into seven pieces using Horcrux and he was the first wizard to use more than one Horcrux as according to Potter lore. And for each new Horcrux, you have to sacrifice a body as it requires an act of murder, which he did when he was in spades.

11. Voldemort in French

Voldemort is the name that Riddle adopted later in his life. The meaning of his name is ‘Flight from death’ in French, like literally. On breaking down his name, we get Vol meaning Flight, de meaning from and mort meaning death in French language. Also, word ‘Vol’ mean theft. Coincidence? I think not. 

12. Reminisce

One of Voldemort’s Horcruxes was found by Harry and Ron hidden in a cave. This was the same place where earlier Riddle has traumatized his two friends from the orphanage. Dumbledore always believed that for hiding his Horcruxes, Tom Riddle would only use the places and items that had a special significance attached to it. 

13. Award for Special Services

Tom Riddle has achieved an award for Special Services in his life for the school when he was still attending Hogwarts. The award is still on the display in the trophy room and surprisingly Ron cleaned it one time when he was in detention in The Chamber of Secrets.

14. Angelic Baby

Though we are all familiar with the fact that how Tom Riddle turned out to be when he became older but he was such an angelic baby when he was still in the orphanage. The head of the Orphanage, Mrs. Cole said that he was such a sweetheart when he was a baby and rarely cried. You would think he would have been easily adopted because of his behavior.

15. Tragic Past

Tom Riddle’s mother who was a witch had to face many struggles in the house. Merope Grunt who grew up in a rundown cottage had to share it with Marvolo, her dad, and Morlin, her uncle. She was also abused in her house and was very poor. All these mishaps made him bewitch a muggle and run away.

16. Family Signet Ring

Riddle took the family signet ring after shipping off his uncle to Azkaban as a trophy for his crime. Later the same ring served as a horcrux for him.

17. Selfish Son

In his life, Tom Riddle did everything that he could to get rid of his muggle father. He did not want to have a connection with him at any cost. But it was also true that he did need a bone from his father’s body to get his body back. 

And as soon as he returned, he tied Harry Potter to the grave of his dad.

18. Make-up on Point

The actor who played the character of Voldemort, that is Ralph Fiennes was sure that the makeup artist nailed his look when he made a child cry. This literally happened when he was passing the child of a script supervisor and the child started crying. I imagine, at the moment, Ralph would be like ‘Nice’.

19. Time for some observation

Many years ago when Tom Riddle was still in an orphanage, Dumbledore visited him. This was shown in the part of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. So at the time, there was a window in Riddle’s room and there were seven stones lined up there. 

The number seven is considered as the most-powerful in magic in the Potterverse and apart from that it also represents the pieces in which Riddle’s soul split into.

20. Rejected right away

There were many fine actors who tried for the role of Tom Riddle but at last, Ralph Finesse was the one who impressed the casting directors with his acting skills. Even Eddie Redmayne, the one who played the character of Newt Scamander in the Fantastic Beasts series, auditioned for the role of Tom Riddle.

But he was rejected right away after reading just one line from the script.

21. Signs of being a serial killer

There is a very strong belief that Tom Riddle is a serial killer because there are very obvious tell-tale signs that support this claim. He is obviously a very violent person who lacks empathy, he also possesses a narcissist personality, angry behavior, etc. 

Apart from this he had this tendency to take the awards from his victims and has a feeling of superiority.

22. Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince Original Script

The whole world is aware of the fact that the Harry Potter series is based on J. K. Rowling’s series of books. And in the book, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, the original script was to cover the past of Tom Riddle with Dumbledore and show all their memories. 

But as per Steven Kloves who was the screenwriter for the movie revealed that the directed insisted that his past should be trimmed down along with his memories with Dumbledore and they should focus on Voldemort’s rise to power instead.

23.  Christian Coulson

The actor who portrayed the character of Tom Riddle on screen in The Chamber of Secrets had to work for six months for his character because that’s how long the audition process went on for. The film schedule was very hectic since the shooting of the film and the audition process of being carried out at the same time.

There were thousands of people who auditioned for the role of Tom Riddle and later there were three individuals and at last, there was only one, Christian Coulson. Though Coulson spent so much time and effort for the movie and was part of the shooting for seven weeks but his part in the movie was only 15 minutes.

Apart from this, Coulson’s upbringing somehow lies parallel with that of Riddle’s. The school that he went to was also somehow similar to Hogwarts and he also relates to being an orphan like Tom Riddle as his parents were living abroad. And as said by Coulson himself, he too was quite mischievous. But we just hope it wasn’t as bad as of Riddle’s.

24. The accidental death

Tom Riddle was the reason behind the death of his roommate Moaning Myrtle. It happened because when his was a student at Hogwarts, he opened the chamber of secrets and ket basilisk out that led to death.

25. Tom Riddle or Tom Riddell

J. K. Rowling put a lot of thought into deciding her characters’ names. Her inspiration for names is something that you would not even have thought of in your wildest dreams. Apparently, some of her character’s name was from Edinburgh’s Greyfriars Kirk churchyard. 

The inspiration for Tom Riddle’s name came from a guy named Tom Riddell, he was the guy who dies at the age of 72 and Tom Riddle died at 71. And interestingly enough, people still leave flowers on the grave of Riddell.

26. The Talented Kid

When Tom Riddle was studying at Hogwarts, he was hailed as being the most talented student of the class and everybody praised him for that. From the very beginning, he was a bright student but he used his intelligence in the dark arts as that’s what used to interest him the most. Riddle was so into that he created his first Horcrux when he was just 16 years old.

27. A Dangerous Bully

From the very beginning, Tom Riddle enjoyed seeing people suffer and that is why he is pretty famous for being a sadist. During his time at the orphanage, he used to torture the other orphans around him. The kinds of things he did went from hanging their pet rabbit for creeping them out to taking two orphans to a cave and doing some unethical things with them.

It is said that he murdered those orphans to create his horcrux and it is the same place where Harry and Ron discovered the horcrux.

28. Such Evil

Tom Riddle’s uncle outed that Riddle’s dad was actually a muggle and in a response to that, Tom Riddle killed his father along with his dad’s parents. Now it’s time for his uncle to serve some time. Riddle framed his uncle for murders and as a result of that, the uncle was sent to Azkaban and at the time even his uncle couldn’t say a word or protests because Tom already fiddled with his memories.

29. Teacher’s favorite

We all know those toppers who are always teachers’ favorites and become the goody two shoes. Well, doesn’t matter how much of a shock it is for you, but Tom Riddle was exactly like that. He was a perfect student during his time in Hogwarts and was seen as a model student. To gain more powers, he used to manipulate professors and they fell into his trap. And the same thing happened when Professor Slughorn told him about the horcruxes.

30. Long Lost Cousins

Harry and Tom Riddle are in fact cousins, probably a pretty distant one, but still cousins. The family roots lay with the three brothers who possessed the Deathly Hallows, and they were, the Elder wand, the resurrection stone, and the invisibility cloak. Tom Riddle was related to Cadmus Peverell, one of the three brothers who received the resurrection stone and it related Harry Potter to Ignotus who received the invisibility cloak.

According to J. K. Rowling, the creator of this magical world, every wizard is related to one another if you look back far enough in their family history. So basically all of them are each other’s long lost cousins or some other relations are there between them.


So here’s everything that you need to know about probably the most dangerous villain in history, Voldemort and his past as Tom Riddle. His past as Tom remains a unique thing about his personality and there must be some obvious signs since the beginning that showed that he will grow up to become such interested in dark arts and would destroy people’s lives and turns out that he did.

One of the most fascinating characters ever created in the history was a work of J. K. Rowling and she did a pretty great job. We will remember Harry Potter for so many reasons and one of them is Voldermort and his history as Tom Riddle because anyone would admit that he is kind of unforgettable and is someone who will haunt your thoughts for days.

I hope you enjoyed this article on soul-splitting fact about Tom Riddle. Do let us know by commenting below how you liked this article and if you have any suggestions or queries, you can give it to us in the comment section below.