35 Interesting and Fun Facts About Cars That Will Blow Your Mind

We have no idea how much history does a regular every-day object holds in our daily life. The development of millions of things around us over the years has always astonished us and if we look closely in the detail about the facts and history of it, we are probably inviting our mind to be blown by this surprising information and there is no doubt in it.

One of the most common objects around us that have done an impeccable job in getting better and better over the years is cars, also known by the name automobiles. You would be amazed to know that how the concept initially started to where we are now. The continuous development in the field serves as evidence that we never stopped trying.

If you look around you, you will find innumerable car-enthusiasts and that’s completely understandable since cars have evolved over the years to not just be a mode of transportation but as a status symbol and also to be used as a luxury. The different purposes that automobiles serve as well as the ever-changing needs and want of the customers have given the opportunity to the industry to evolve and present us with some of the astonishing products and there is no doubt that it did!

As an interesting subject as it serves, the history of cars and its development over the years must have stored some of the amazing facts about it and today we are going to list them all in the article below. And we promise you, no matter how much you think, you’d know about cars, the information that we are about to give you will definitely blow your mind.

So, let’s get started, shall we!

1. The First Car in the World

The first-ever car or automobile (since you will reject it as a car) was developed by Carl Benz in the year 1885. The speed of the automobile was 16 kilometers per hour. It features a designed chassis where a single-cylinder with a four-stroke engine was placed in a horizontal manner. Carl Benz named his invention, ‘Benz Patent Moterwagen’. Though this car was not for the use of public and Carl Benz did it just for the sake of invention and the model was not for selling.

2. First Available Car

The first-ever car that was available for the general public was developed in the year 1908 by Henry Ford, it was referred to as Model T. The car was very affordable and at that time is costed $850 and by the year 1925; the cost was reduced to $260. The reduction in the cost was made possible due to the invention of the assembly line. Well, who else is voting to get the previous prices back?

3. First-ever Electric Traffic Signal in the World

Traffic signals that are used to prevent cars crashing in each other and traffic jams are currently crucial for the world and today you will find them in almost every road and it’s hard to imagine the world without them. Well, no matter how hard it is to imagine but a world without them did exist and it was before 1914 because that was the year when Traffic signals were first invented.

The traffic signal was installed in the United States at the corner of Euclid Avenue and East 105th Street in Cleveland, Ohio. Apart from this, the first painted dividing line between the roads that separates the right and left side of the road was invented in the year 1911 in Michigan and the invention of traffic signs began from 1916.

4. World’s first long-distance Journey

The first-ever long-distance journey in the history of automobiles was undertaken by Bertha Benz who was a German pioneer and the wife of Carl Benz who invented the first-ever car. She traveled from Mannheim in southern Germany to Pforzheim with her two sons in the year 1888. Also, the first person to ever drive a car was Carl Benz.

5. Total Cars in the World

Statistics always astonishes us, don’t they? Well, here’s one related to the cars that state that as of today, the total number of cars in the world is 1.4 billion and that’s a lot! By the year 1986, the total number of cars was only 500 million. At first, it was only limited to some countries because apparently, for others, cars were the luxury that they couldn’t afford and neither the people in their country.

But today as we know, every country has them and its extensive use has made the scientists of a research house in Bernstein come up with a futuristic data that by the year 2040, there will be 2 billion cars in the world.

6. The Numbers

On an average, a car has about 30,000 parts. And in the year 2004, Japan made 9,770,000 and from this, 3,270,000 cars were made by Toyota only. Must have been a great year for cars…… And Toyota of course.

7. Park-time

The sole purpose of cars is driving but did you know that 95% of the car’s lifetime is spent while being parked? Meaning only 5% of the time it is actually serving its purpose.

8. Recycling

Automobile Recycling which is the 16th largest industry in the United States recycles 12 million vehicles every year in the country. And as to your surprise, about 80% part of the average car is recyclable.

9. Right or Left?

Well, there’s a famous debate on which side of the car is ideal for driving but we do not seem to have settled on it. Therefore, we decided to have two different cars in the world, one with drivers on the left side and one with drivers on the right side. But interesting data shows, that about 72% of the cars in the world are right-hand side.

10. Texting while Driving

We all are very much aware of the fact that how dangerous it is to drive while being on your phone texting but still some of the great minds perform this practice even after knowing the end result of it. As per research, a car crash happens in nearly three seconds when the driver has been distracted. Also, a study shows that texting while driving increases your probability of having an accident by 23 times.

11. Automatic or Manual Transmission?

Without getting too technical, let me explain to you what is the difference between automatic and manual transmission. Automatic cars don’t have a clutch pedal but rather a simplified gearbox and on the other hand, manual transmission cars have five to six gears including reverse and it lets the driver have full control of car performance.

Apparently, Americans are not a big fan of manual cars because 95% of the cars in the United States have automatic transmission. But other countries like Europe, Japan, etc. have up to 80% of manual car usage.

12. Car Colors

There is a very interesting theory concerned with the color of the cars. White color has been the most popular color of cars in the world an people prefer buying white color cars the most. A study in Australia shows that black cars are 10% less likely to get in accidents and are also less prone to theft and being stolen. Because the basic mentality of robbers is to target the cars with attractive colors.

13. Tesla

The progression of Tesla has been very significant in the world of cars. The company has made such and impressive development and became world’s second most valuable company.

14. Airbags

Airbags serve as an pretty important part of the cars as it is build to save the lives of the people in a car crash. But did you know that the working efficiency of air bags is so much that it can inflate in just 30 miliseconds.

15. A Revolution

By 1982, the automobile industry became one of the largest employment providers in the United States. The industry provided one of six jobs in the country. So in the 20th century, automobiles became the key force of change for America.

16. Power of Innovation

Ford being the has automobile company has produced 15 million cars from 1909 to 1927. In the beginning, the model T needed about 12 hours to finish the assembly of parts in the car. Later, the assembly line technique was used which reduced the car assembling time to 8 minutes in the year 1913. But that was not enough for Ford, because finally in the year 1927, the car assembling time was reduced to 24 seconds. That means you get a brand new car in just 24 seconds.

17. Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle was one of the most loved cars of the 20th century. The company brand sold more that 20 million units worldwide and also remained one of the most preferred brands of the customers.

18. Best Selling Car In The World

The best-selling car in the world is Toyota Corolla. The car model is sold in over 150 countries and regions and as much of an astonishing fact that it is, the company sold one Toyota Corolla every 15 seconds. The model was launched in the year 1966 and since the year it has sold more than 44.1 million Toyota Carolla yet that roughly contributes to 20% overall sales of the company.

19. Weird Country Laws

  • It is a criminal offense to drive a dirty car in Russia
  • In Pennsylvania, while driving you must stop every mile when driving on country lanes
  • In Alabama, it is illegal to drive when being blind-folded. I can’t imagine why they had to make a law about it.
  • In Alaska, you can not tether a dog to the roof of your car
  • In Florida, if you park an Elephant, you must pay for it.
  • In California and Tennessee, it is a criminal offense to shoot animals from your cars. Oh, but not whales. Apparently, you can shoot them from your cars.
  • You can not jump from a car that is traveling from over 65mph in California.
  • It is prohibited to pee in public, but you are welcome to pee on your car’s rear wheel.
  • Using an obscene bumper sticker on your car is prohibited in South Carolina

20. Chinese Cars

China is the biggest producers on cars in the world. It produces almost a quarter of world’s total cars.

21. Why is it called Cars?

The word ‘car’ comes from a Latin word called ‘carrus’ which means a two-wheeled wagon in English.

22. The New Car Smell

Whenever we buy some new products, we get this notorious smell of a car. The new car smell that we experience is the smell of volatile organic compounds that are used in the manufacturing process of the car. Because of the intoxicating smell that we get in cars, the manufacturers are tying new methods to get rid of it.

23. Roll Royce

The efficiency and lifetime of Rolls Royce is so much that three quarter of the cars that are ever produced by the company is still on road and continuing to serve the customers.

24. The Huge Group of Volkswagen

The Volkswagen group involves a total of twelve brands that belongs to Seven European countries. These brands are Volkswagen passenger cars, Audi, SEAT, SKODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Scania, and MAN.

25. Car vs People

It is strongly believed that there are more cars in Los Angeles more than there are people.

26. Cruise Control

The inventor of cruise control is Ralph Teetor in the year 1948. Cruise control is also known by the name speedo stat or tempomat. An interesting aspect of this fact is, the inventor was actually blind.

27. Car made of Soybeans

Henry Ford in the year 1941, made a car made of soybeans. The weight of the car was 2000 lbs and it consists of a tubular steel frame that had at least 14 plastic panels attached to it.

28. Seat Belts

The invention of seat belts has been pretty significant in the automobile industry. They were invented by Volvo who refused to get a patent of these seatbelts so that every car company could make good use of them for safety purposes and you know that it proved to be a real-life saver for the world. Because the Three-point seat belts save one life every six seconds! And isn’t that amazing!

29. Formula 1

Formula 1 which is a famous racing car can drive you upside down in a tunnel if you are driving it fast enough. Apparently, if you are driving at 120 mph in a tunnel, the F1 cars produce enough aerodynamic downforce to drive you upside down in a tunnel.

30. Car Production

As mind baffling as it sounds, 60 million cars are produced every year in the world. That means 165,000 cars are produced a day, 6,750 an hour, and 115 cars a minute!

31. Cars on road

At every moment, there are a total of 1 billion cars being used in the world. And when we take the population of the world in the count, that makes it each car for every 7 people on earth. WOW!

32. Moon-travel

It would take you less than six months to reach the moon by car. If you are traveling your car with a speed of 60mph, you can cover the distance to the moon in under 180 days.

33. Largest Speeding Fine

You would be shocked to know that the largest speeding ticket ever produced was of 1,000,00 euros. This happened with a man in Sweden who was driving his car with 180mph. The reason he got this much fine was because in Sweden, your speeding ticket is a proportion of your earnings. Must have been a very wealthy person.

34. Car Accident

We use cars on a daily basis and that doesn’t scare us but some people are terrified to travel in planes because they think it would crash. But did you know that your chances of dying in a car accident are 1 in 5,000 while on the other hand, your chance of dying in a plane crash is 1 in 11 million. Flights don’t sound so dangerous now, huh?

35. Highest and Lowest

The world’s most expensive car is Bugatti’s La Voiture Noire which comes with a hefty price tag of 19 million dollars. Cristiano Ronaldo is the owner of this car which he brought last year and it takes a total of 2.5 years to get ready.

On the other hand, the cheapest car in the world right now which is completely functional is Tata Nano, which costs you $1,318 only.


So these were some of the known-unknown facts about cars that we found most interesting. An ordinary every-day life item such as a car is often neglected so much that we forget to admire the history that it holds. The invention of everything that we have has been significant for the world but cars were not just invented, they evolved and created a revolution. Now their purpose is not just to be used as a mode of transportation, but now it is a status symbol and often used as a luxury.

Car enthusiasts are always eager to learn about new and interesting information about cars, but knowing about the latest update is as important as knowing about its history is, and that purpose is served by the article here, to enlighten you about everything that goes behind it.

We hope you enjoyed this article thoroughly, please let us know in the comment section below how you liked this article, and if you have any new fact or additional information about cars, you are more than welcome to share it with us.