51 Interesting Cat Facts, Which Will Make You Love Cats More.

Lets Know Our Cats Better.

There are high chances that you are reading this article with a cat laying on your lap or watching you from a distance. We all love these furry animals except those who are allergic to them, however, they too love the graceful walks of this lovely creature but their medical conditions don’t allow them to get much closer.

The cat we generally keep as pets in our houses belongs to the Felidae family and often referred to as a Domestic cat to clearly distinguish it from the other wild members of the cat family. In scientific terms, these domestic species are known as the Felis Catus. They are small carnivorous animals with thick furry coats on them generally. Felis Catus can be kept as the house cat, a feral cat or as a farm cat, the latter in the family range freely in the wilds and avoids human contact. Humans do value the domestic cats for loyal companionship and are of course attracted to their hunting abilities and techniques.

As the records of various cat registries, there are 60 breeds recognized till now.

Cats quite resemble anatomical patterns with their other felid species, they have strong and flexible bodies, sharp teeth, quick reflexes & retractable claws, all adapted to catch small prey. Their night vision and sense of smell are brilliant to every extent. Cats do communicate with each other by meowing, trilling, hissing, purring, grunting, and growling, they are seen to communicate with their cat-specific body language. These often hunt in solitude but like being social, as they are a social species. They have a special ability to listen even to those sounds which are either too faint or too high in frequency for the human ears, such as those made by small mice and other small mammals, those can be treated as prey for the cats. These merciless but beautiful predators are most active at dawn and dusk.

If you think we are going to tell you now some random facts about the cats, then you are absolutely right, we are upto that only but, let’s make this a little interesting by putting a few facts in the form of questions, which you may have thought of or can consider asking. So, let’s start our 51 facts about cats journey, with a saying, Keep Calm and Love Your Cat.

Here We Go..

# Jumping Jack Rockstar Cat- Do you know that a cat can literally jump five times of their own height? That makes six times its length and imagine how graceful this little creature is, they make the entire thing look so easy and smooth. They can sometimes go above this five times mark, depending upon the situation or need.

# Not Every History Maker Liked Cats- Cats have been domesticated by humans straight from the starting, as the history tells us. They have been a great companion but a few historical figures like Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, Julius Caesar, and Genghis Khan, are all said to have hated cats. If they were present in the time of Cleopatra’s rule, she would have ordered to kill them all, as she was really obsessed with cats and it’s quite evident in history.

# Hungarian Language Is Incomplete Without Them- You can’t expect to end a sentence without the quotation mark, wherever it’s needed. Quotation marks do have a feline connection as the cat’s nails look similar to an exclamation mark. The Hungarian word for quotation marks i.e. macskaköröm literally translates to “Cat Claws or Cat Nails” if put on google translate. Try it now.

# United States Is A Purr_adise- Let the rest of the world love dogs over cats, The United States will continue to go contrast and have more pet cats than pet dogs. According to an estimate, there are 85.8 million pet cats in our United States. Whereas, dogs trailing behind with an estimate of about 78 million in the figure. Dog lovers won’t love this fact but, it’s purrr_fect for the people on the cat’s side.

# Postman Cat Failed The Job- Cats are love but, they are surely not good at delivering mail. 37 cats went under the training to deliver the mail to the people residing in the city of Liège, Belgium, around the 1870s. Kitties were made to wear waterproof bags around their neck, having the letters to be delivered, but this turns out to be the most failure experiment ever. The cats were being too lazy to deliver the mail on time and some of them were too confused in delivering on the correct address. What else we can expect from cats apart from this? Posting letters are not their job anyway.

# The “Meow” Is Still A Secret- Nobody really knows why these small furry creatures produce a meow sound. Experts believe that they might be channeling the inner kitten. Baby kittens make the plaintive sounds to attract their mother’s attention, and it’s observed that full-grown felines do not meow while interacting with the fellow cats. Some experts suggest that cats produce meow and other cute noises just to attract human attraction so that they give them the attention they always crave for and complete their physical needs like food or just a back scratch. Smart!

# The Sweaty Kitty- It’s a myth that cats do not sweat, they do. Cats have sweat glands right at their paws and they sweat from there. However, if cats get overheated or find it difficult to cope up with the hot weather conditions, they start panting to regulate their blood flow and cooling down their bodies. That’s normal and nothing to worry about in most of the cases.

# Lazy Little Devils- Cats live most of their lives sleeping. According to a study, an average cat spends approximately two-third of its life asleep. This is something we humans envy about them.

# Having A Separate Lobby Is Their Class- Not only you love cats, but the iconic Algonquin Hotel in New York City, USA also owns an overly pampered lobby cat named Hamlet. This male cat doesn’t belong to any royal family but was once a cat who got rescued like the other dozens that have lived in the storied institution since the early 1920s. Hamlet took over this post after the death of the previous lobby cat named Matilda III.

# Feral Cats Are Regular Employees In Disneyland- Walt Disney’s owned famous theme park Disneyland employs a lot of cats with important ground jobs. More than 200 feral cats are trained to roam and keep the rodent population of the amusement park under control. The cats are first spayed or neutered before hitting the ground, and the park staffers are responsible for taking care of these little employees with extra food and medical attention whenever required.

# Cute Cat Videos Have Been Around Us For More Than A Century Now- If you think that only YouTube has given these kitties the video graphics attention they deserve, then you’re wrong! In 1894, Thomas Edison filmed two small kitties ” Boxing ” inside a ring and people went crazy for this. This brief clip is enough to prove the obsession of humans towards cats in that era too. 

# Nintendo’s Love For President Clinton’s Cat- U.S. President Bill Clinton’s family used to own a black and white tuxedo cat named Socks, during his time in the Oval office. In the mid-1990s, legendary games creator Nintendo Entertainment System created a new game called “Socks The Cat”, featuring the first feline of the United States. This game never really made it to the market, as the game publishers went shut down on their businesses. The game was lost for years without getting officially launched, until Tom Curtin, a video game collection enthusiast bought the only existing copy (as reported), purchased the rights, and also partnered with a different publisher named Second Dimension to give this game another life. In the year 2018, “Socks The Cat, Rocks The Hill” hit the launching floor officially.

# Some Can Play Rock Paper Scissors With Themselves- Some cats are blessed with extra toes. Maine Coon cats have an impressively big size of the body, beyond this, they are sometimes born with 6 toes instead of 4. Amazing, right.

# Male Cats Have A Barbed Penis- Despite being too painful for the lady cats during mating, their spiky penises do serve a purpose. They keep the female cats from escaping in mid-coitus, the barb stimulates the vulva which allows the female to ovulate more successfully. Felines are loners by default, and not much into sex.

# College Goers Are More Likely To Have A Cat As Their Pet- We can bet if you have studied in a college or just been there for the extracurricular fun, you are more likely to pet a cat than a dog. Researchers from the University of Bristol completed a survey of about 3000 people about their pets, in 2010. They found that the people holding degrees from colleges and universities were 1.36 times more inclined towards keeping a cat as their pet than being a dog owner. This phenomenon might be attributed due to the fact the cats are relatively low in maintenance, demands less playing time with them as compared to dogs, who look like always ready to jump on you. People with busy careers find cats as a better companion.

# Smaller Bodies With More Bones- Humans have 206 bones, while the cat, who happens to have a much smaller body in comparison, got a total of 244 bones in them. Their anatomy is surely a complex subject.

# Fur Isn’t A Fashion Statement- Sphinx, a cat’s breed, does not have fur coats on their body at all. But they still manage to keep their bodies 4 degrees warmer than a typical feline. Cats are amazing without the fur too.

# Don’t Make Me Bath, I’m Cool This Way- Most of the cats have been observed disliking being wet and often they lose control if such happens. Cat experts believe that they hate water because they just can’t withstand the soggy fur, it discomforts them. Or this may happen because the cat may get frightened of losing control over their buoyancy.

# Get Me Water, I’ll Take A Dip- Not all cats hate getting water wet. Breeds like Bengal cats, Maine Coons & Turkish Van are said to enjoy taking a bath or just a relaxing dip every now and then, it is believed that this is how they control their overheating issues, especially in summer months.

# Often Find Your Cat In Small Spaces?- You have definitely seen cats cuddle up in boxes, and they love it. Cat experts believe that cats feel more important, protected, and secure exactly how they felt back in their mother’s womb.

Researchers also found that when shelter cats are given to the adopting party, they are generally kept in boxes to cuddle up in. These cats adjust faster and experience less stress than in comparison with other cats who aren’t provided with boxes.

Also, sleeping in a small secluded box might help the little kitty to retain more heat from its own body, so it stays nice and toasty, hence therefore relaxed.

# Little Unfair Guinness World Records- The Guinness World Records do not have an award for the fattest cat, maybe that’s because the officials don’t want to encourage people to overfeed their cats. But in 2003, a Siamese breed cat from Asbest, Russia, named Katy, became a serious contender for this unofficial record. Katy was given hormones to make her stop mating, which gave her an unintended side effect. She started eating more food, her appetite increased dramatically and this ever hungry cat ballooned up to a massive 50 pounds.

# They May Massage You & You Could Be Their Territory- Sounds weird, right. Cat experts haven’t figured it out that, why cats like to knead, but they have came up with numerous possibilities and explanations, one of them is that your kitty is kneading you with the scent glands in their paws, to mark you as their territorial area.

Since the small kittens knead their mother’s belly to stimulate the production of milk for themselves, there are fairly good chances that they may carry this behavior into adulthood. This phenomenon is known as Neotenic Behavior.

# A Close To Million Dollar Cats Painting- An oil painting sized 6 foot x 8.5 foot was billed as the World’s Largest Cat Painting, in 2015. This painting was sold in an auction for more than $820,000. The name of this painting is “My Wife’s Lovers” and it was once owned by a rich philanthropist named Kate Birdsall Johnson. She used to love felines so much that she was said to own more than a hundred of cats and later appointed a painter to capture herself with Persian & Turkish Angora cats. This close to a million-dollar painting’s name was indirectly suggested by Johnson’s husband as his first reaction after seeing it was, My wife’s lovers!

# Cats Do Not Always Land On Feet- It’s a popular belief that no matter how the cats fall, they always land on their feet. But the reality is quite contrary, sometimes they might not end up touching the ground on their 4 paws. Cats have an extraordinary sense of body balance, which enables them to twist their flexible backbones mid-air so that they don’t fall splatter on their back. Additionally, the cats can spread their legs out forming a parachute, which holds the air pocket inside and thanks to their light boned, small and fur-covered body, they don’t fall that bad, as compared to dogs.

# “Exotic” Is The Favorite Cat Breed Of America- In a survey done in 2018, it came out that America’s most popular and favorite cat breed was the Exotic. This breed has a flat face and is essentially a short-haired version of Persian Cat. The cat breed which came as a runner up was the Ragdoll. Rank 3 was secured by the British Shorthair.

# Cats Are More Poetic Than Dogs- No, we are not saying that T.S. Eliot used to think this way. The Musical Cats is based on a collection of poems called Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats written by the famous poet/writer himself. This collection got published in 1939, it follows the whimsical antics of a cat group however, the original manuscript was intended to feature dogs top. In the end, Eliot gave a statement that says, “dogs don’t seem to lend themselves to verse quite so well, collectively, as cats.”

# Is Your Cat Irritated In Your Presence?- This may sadden you, but if your answer is Yes, your cat might be allergic to you. Usually, we think that only humans are allergic to cats but the tables turn too, no matter if you are allergic to her or not. A study suggests that 1 in 200 cats are suffering from asthma and this number is continuously rising among the indoor pets, as they are more frequently exposed to human dandruff, pollen, dust, cigarette smoke, and other air pollutants.

# An Irresistible Station Master In Japan- Do not forget to visit the Kishi Train Station near Wakayama City, the next you visit Japan. This station has hired an adorable stationmaster named Nitama in the year 2015, just a few months after its prior feline mascot stationmaster, Tama, died because of an acute heart attack at the age of 16. Nitama is a 7-year-old Calico cat.

# Cheetahs Are Not The Only Fastest Cats In List- Greyhound Dogs are the ones who got a commercial bus line named after them, and cheetahs receive the title for World’s Fastest Land Animal, but house cats are no less speedy too. The average speed of a feline can go upto 30 miles per hour. That’s enough to receive a speed ticket in a school zone.

# Ancient Egyptians Were Very Fond Of Cats- We all have seen in documentaries and movies that the ancient Egyptians used to worship a half-feline goddess known as Bastet, they revered cats a lot. Those people who intentionally harmed or killed cats in that time, they faced harsh legal sentences which may go up to death penalty.

# This Is Still Unknown, Why Black Cats Are Considered To Be Bad Luck Attractor In Some Cultures- This myth has persisted across Western civilization for centuries. Felines with dark fur first became linked with the Devil during the Middle Ages, and when the Black Death pandemic ravaged Europe in the mid-14th century, superstitious individuals responded by killing off the black cat population. Little did they know that vermin carried the deadly disease and that the rodent-eating cats actually helped curb its spread. And black cats were also associated with witches because women who are accused of practicing black magic were said to adopt black cats as companions by the storytellers.

# In Japan & Great Britain, Black Cats Are Considered As Good Luck- While the other parts of the world is continuing with the false theory of considering dark fur cats as bad luck, these 2 brilliant countries i.e. Great Britain and Japan perceive black cats as auspicious. Even our U.S. considers black felines as bad omen. In the English Midlands, new brides are given black cats in their hands while believing that this beautiful furry creature will bless the marriage. Japanese single women consider black cats as good luck attractors particularly for themselves. Meanwhile, the Germans believe that a black cat crossing your path from left to right is threatening, while the same cat crosses right to left, it will turn fortuitous.

# Nyan Cat Was For Real- Do you remember the Nyan Cat? The famous viral meme of a gray colored feline with a pop tart body who shoots rainbows from its bottom was based on a real life cat named Marty. She was a Russian Blue breed kitty owned by Chris Torres, who was illustrator of Nyan Cat.

# Nothing Sweet For Cats- Cats are genetically predisposed to not be able to experience the taste of sweets. They may like licking off your plate to find some leftover food on it, but they will leave it alone if that leftover happens to be a piece of cake.

# Cats Have Been On Stages Since At Least 1871- In the year 1871, World’s first major cat show was held at London’s Crystal Palace. Dozens of breeds and hundreds of cats were placed on display, more than 200 thousand guests are said to have attended this event.

# Some Breeds Need Exercise- No offense, as they are genetically designed to be heavy. Here we are talking about those breeds which are truly huge and heavy for eg: Ragdolls, Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats often weigh in the range from 15 to 22 pounds. Better read this fact and watch it before you promise your friend to take care of their Maine Coon feline.

# Cats Spend Their 30 To 50 percent Of Their Day Just Grooming Themselves- Don’t you think that’s too self obsessive? Well, cats don’t give it a thought anyway, and this habit serves them purposes like: it cools down them, regulates blood flow in the body, distributes natural oils evenly throughout their fur coat and also the scent keeps the predator away from them. Grooming by licking is also seen as a sign of affection between two cats, and studies proves that saliva contains enzymes that promotes healing as its a natural antibiotic for wounds.

# Purring Doesn’t Guarantee A Happy Cat- If you listen to your cat purring quite often, and sometimes for no reason, this may not be because she is happy all the time. Cats do purr when they are hurt, stressed, feel sick or giving birth.

# Purring May Help In Increasing Bone Density- Scientists might not know that why cats actually purr, but Lyons, an assistant professor from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis once submitted a hypothesis explaining that sound frequency of purring varies from 25 Hetz to 150 Hertz, and this can help the cats to promote healing and improve their bone density. He even wrote an article for Scientific American, which reads “Because cats have adapted to conserve energy via long periods of rest and sleep, it is possible that purring is a low energy mechanism that stimulates muscles and bones without a lot of energy.”

# Catnip Receptors On Cat’s Nose Are Lit- Have you ever given a thought, why catnip lulls felines into a trance? The herb contains various different chemical compounds, including nepetalactone, which a cat detects with receptors in its nose and mouth. These compounds make the cat behave quite oddly, as if they are high on some wacky kitty weed, odd deeds include head shaking, head rubbing, odd sniffing, and rolling around on the ground. Don’t freak out if your cat starts dancing on a trance beat any day then.

# Not All Cats Are Fortunate Enough To Respond To Catnip- More than 50% of the cats around the world just don’t give any response to catnip. Scientists failed to figure out why some cats enjoy the wacky cat weed, while others don’t. But they have an answer that catnip sensitivity is hereditary. If a kitten’s parents are sensitive to catnip, the odds shoot up to at least three in four, while if only one of the parents is sensitive and the other one doesn’t respond to catnip, then there is a 50% of chances to fall in any of the two categories.

# Cats Make Great Private Detectives- Is a private unaffordable for your pocket? A feline might be able to do the job, with a fish in exchange. There was once a Dutch ambassador named Henry, posted in Moscow in the 1960s, one day he noticed his two Siamese cats were arching their backs and clawing at one of the walls. Henry had a hunch that the cats heard something he couldn’t, and sure enough, he found 30 tiny microphones hidden behind the boards planted for spying on him and his team. Instead of busting the spy racket, Henry and his team took advantage of the planted surveillance and griped about illegal packages or household repairs stuck in customs while standing in front of the mics. The eavesdroppers took care of their complaints and apart from Henry and his companions, no one was the wiser.

# Blackie Is Surely Lucky & Definitely Wealthy- While in many parts of the earth, black cats are considered bad luck, a black furry cat is surely killing the superstition big time. Blackie is the world’s richest cat with an empire of totaling nearly $13 million. Ben Rea, a rich British antique dealer used to love his cat so much that when he died in 1988, he left most of his estate to his beautiful feline. Later, the money got split among three different charities working for cats, which were instructed to take care of Rea’s beloved companion till her last breath. To this day, Blackie has been fortunate enough to still hold her record intact.

# Your Cat Probably Hates Music- You would have definitely seen cats dancing on slow music in some tv commercials or cartoons, but that’s not the case in reality. Cats are actually pretty gifted to hear the slightest of voices that we are not fortunate enough to listen to. Hence, giving them headbanging with loud music doesn’t seem to be a nice idea. But they might love you for playing “Music For Cats” written by composer David Teie. Apparently this tune was composed by partnering animal scientists to make it work perfectly.

# A Group Of Kittens Is Called A Kindle- No, that’s not the kindle you use for reading books, we don’t generally endorse Amazon here (as far as they aren’t paying us) It’s a word in the dictionary to describe a group of kittens born to one mother feline. Meanwhile, a fully grown cat group is known as a Clowder.

# Many Historical Figures Loved Cats- Apart from those history creators who hated cats, many figures loved them by heart. Famous personalities like the Bronte Sisters, Pope Paul II, Mark Twain and Florence Nightingale, all were proud cat owners. So if you adore felines, you suely belong to a great company.

# Cats Lists Abraham Lincoln As Their Fan- If there were awards for the title of history’s craziest cat man, it might have landed on Abraham Lincoln’s shelf. His wife Mary Todd Lincoln was once asked about her husband’s hobbies, she replied in a single word “Cats”. However, he also used to like dogs.

# If You Are Loving This Article, You Are An Ailurophile- By that, we mean, you love cats and those who love cats are generally tagged as Cat Lovers. But in this 21st century, things don’t get recognition until they are complicated enough to confuse as a class, hence the ever-growing vocabulary came up with a new word called Ailurophile, which replaces the old cat lover term. Try using this new word in your daily life and brag on your knowledge. To your addition in knowledge, the greek word for cats is ailouros, and the phile stands for love, which on joining together makes Ailurophile. On the other hand, we have the opposite word Ailurophobe, in which “phobe” describes hate or fear.

# The First Meow In Space- Felicette became the first cat to go and travel safe back on earth from space. On 18 October, 1963, French scientists launched the first cat into space with the help of a rocket. She made it safely to the ground with a parachute descent. She almost landed on her paws like a professional. Cute!

# The World’s Oldest Living Cat Is 31 Years Old- And the award for the oldest cat in the universe goes to a kitty that’s sometimes cranky n sweet the other times, orange and white fur-coated, Rubble! This cat has been celebrating her birthday in June of every year. The average lifespan of a cat ranges between 12 to 18 years. She surely has the famous 7 lives.

# The Cat’s Aging Cycle- If you compare your aging with the cat’s, you will find that when you will turn 15, your cat would have been sharing the same maturity after just 1 year. For her second year, you must be around 25. And after that, each of your 7 years of span will commute only a year for them.

So, that was it. These were some interesting facts about the cats exclusively chosen to expand your knowledge about cats in a slightly quirky manner. All the information and research done for this article are absolutely correct and highly reliable at every extent.

If you still feel that any of the facts are not correct or it has changed by the time, please write it in the comment section. If you think we have missed any interesting fact about the Cat, do let us know in the comment section down below. The article will be updated timely for fresh facts & changes if required.